Mission and Vision

Missionand Vision

Missionand Vision

AsChief Executive Officer of a company, I am supposed to indicate whatI plan to accomplish for the business, the values I stand for and thecurrent strategies to achieve the goals. It is important to clarifyvalues, taking into account the views and the contributions of allstakeholders. Then, I am required to create a structure to conductactivities. It is, therefore, instrumental to have an effectivemission and a vision statement.

Amission statement indicates the objectives of an organization that isaccompanied that are convincing. A vision, on the other hand, may beregarded as a road map for a company that outlines the desiredposition of the firm. It also acts as the guide to transformationalplans through setting defined directions for growth. Since myorganization would deal with energy, the mission of the company wouldbe Me. Inc is a result-oriented energy firm that develops values forthe shareholders through the creation of an atmosphere of teamwork,resourcefulness, optimism, creativity, transparency and ethicalconsiderations. The vision of the company would be to enhance energyproduction through midstream activities including marketing, costcontrol and operation optimization.

Elementsof an Effective Statements

Oneof the elements is that they should be clear and focused. As a C.E.OI would avoid covering too many issues to avoid losing focus. Anotherattribute is that the statements should have a brand persona. Thatis, they should be applicable in single contexts to allow theownership by the employees and the leadership. Longevity is anotherelement of an effective statement. When writing a statement themanagement should focus on the long-term achievements.

Myvision and mission deserve a hundred percent grade because they arefocused on the institutions mandate and designates a clear intentionof the company. It also targets the contribution of the firm’sstakeholders. They are also effective since they are realistic andfocus on the functions of the organization.