Module 3 Discussion


Module3 Discussion

Accordingto the case study of JetBlue, the biggest setback that the companyfaced was an air traffic problem. The passengers spent eleven hoursbecause of the storm in the winter as well as poor airline planning.Flights in the entire state were stranded because of inadequateplanning. The customer service unit of the company was damaged sincemost customers were unhappy with the amount of time that they spenton the planes. Most of the clients waited in vain in the terminal forplanes, but JetBlue eventually canceled the trips (Argenti, 2012).The disruptions at the airport brought the operations of the companyto a stand till, a move that forced the carrier to cancel more than athousand flights for a period of six days. The critical constituencyissues that the company faced entailed closing its operations for sixdays. During the time, the company could not be in a position to reapany benefits. Also, because of the storm, the business was notcapable of satisfying its clients.

Ibelieve the three most desirable outcomes for the company werecommunication, advertisement, and rebranding. These three thingshelped the company to overcome the problem that it experienced.Indeed, the business was in a position to win the confidence of itsclients. JetBlue implemented different communication strategies thathelped it to continue with its operations. One of the tacticsinvolved fielding of approximately 5000 telephone inquiries from themedia (Argenti, 2012). Also, the company’s communication departmentwas fast to communicate to customers on the route it was going totake in order to satisfy them. Furthermore, another approach that thebusiness undertook was to implement a customer’s bill of rights.


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