Module 3 Responses


Module3 Responses


Discussion 1

Indeed, theimplementation of the JetBlue Airways Customer Bill of Rights willbuild trust between the airline and its clients. Furthermore,passengers will feel valued to the extent of developing brandloyalty. Notably, the company had damaged its reputation by failingto provide truthful information to its clients. In many instances,the occurrence of inclement weather forces an airline to cancelflights to safeguard the safety of travelers. Although reschedulingmay lead to time-wasting, customers will feel respected when theyreceive such communication. Nevertheless, adoption of the new policywould isolate employees due to the adverse effects on hours,benefits, and bonuses. In this regard, the airline should train itsworkforce to adapt to the proposed guidelines. The company shouldalso ensure cooperation during decision-making. Consequently, JetBluewill mend its tarnished reputation and achieve unprecedented success.

Discussion 2

I agree with theclaim that JetBlue’s problems occurred due to a failure in theirinternal and external communications. In fact, the company had notestablished a plan for emergency situations. Hence, the managementmade an error of judgment that disrupted many customers. A propercommunication strategy would have ensured that passengers becameaware of issues concerning delays and rescheduling. Additionally, theairline would have liaised with neighboring hotels to host clients asthey waited for new flights. It was also essential to communicate toinvestors and shareholders to reaffirm the company’s commitment tocustomer service. Besides, a press release would have informed thepublic of the airline’s endeavor to address the issue and preventfuture relapses. Notwithstanding, the company continued to excel inareas such as corporate responsibility, environmental awareness,marketing, and advertising. Therefore, JetBlue should focus on itsstrengths to rebuild its public image and earn the trust of potentialcustomers.