Module 4- Discussion


Module4- Discussion


Businessand society are dependent on each other. Business activities impacthappenings in the community and actions taken by societal leadersaffect businesses. Companies need to understand the forces that shapethis relationship if there is to be a successful interdependence(Eruemegbe 2015).

Onesuch force is the societal expectation. Society’s expectations ofbusiness are evolving, companies are increasingly needed to payattention to its social issues and act as good citizens. Businessesare faced with the task of balancing its social obligations whilestill achieving their management goals (Eruemegbe 2015). TOMS shoes,a company that produces shoes has adopted this force. It provides apair of shoe to needy children for each pair bought. This effort hasshown that TOMS shoes pay attention to its social surrounding(Murray, 2015). BMW, a car company, has also embraced socialresponsibility by, adapting its factory layout to its agingworkforce, offering free health checks and providing flexibleretirement models (Murray, 2015).

Anotherforce is the natural environment. Businesses and society interact ata platform this platform is the ecosystem. Resources available tothe organization are from the ecosystem. Some of these resources arenon-renewable while others are renewable only when used sustainably.With the threat of climate change, society’s relationship withbusinesses is based on utilization and management of the environment(Eruemegbe 2015). Xerox, a company that sells business services anddocument technology products, has consciously indulged ineco-friendly initiatives that have resulted in a reduction oflandfills, greenhouse gas emissions and, water consumption (Murray,2015). Google, a technology company, has contributed too byencouraging and leading the world in the use of energy-efficientlights, allowing telecommuting and, recycling (Murray, 2015).


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