Module 5 Discussion

Module5 Discussion

Theworking environment that an entity provides to its employees isexceedingly critical since it helps in determining the morale thatworkers would have while working for the company. This assignmentwill discuss the work environment provided by Johnson &amp Johnsonand CVS Caremark Companies in ensuring that employees remaincommitted.

Johnson&amp Johnson Company

ForJohnson &amp Johnson Company, the health of employees is asignificant consideration for success. The organization views itsworkers as the most precious resource and thus focuses on keeping thehealth and well-being of its employees at high standards. The entityhas a culture of health, which ensures that employees are always safeand health for productivity. The company has the program, Livefor Life,whose goals are prevention, protection, and performance (Johnson&amp Johnson, 2015).The activities supported by the initiative include health riskassessment, tobacco-free working environment, healthy coaching, andfitness classes among others. The entity ensures that it provideshealthy food offerings at its facilities and vending machines(Johnson&amp Johnson, 2015).Furthermore, in promoting the health of its workers, the organizationoffers up to $500 credit on their health insurance premiums.


Thecompany considers the health its employees as important and thus hasdifferent health and wellness programs. The organization believesthat the wellness of individuals is crucial in realizing success. Theentity has invested in resources that motivate employees to embracehealth initiatives (CVS Caremark, 2015). The wellness programssupported by the company include smoking cessation, preventivescreenings, health coaching, weight management, and management ofchronic conditions among other initiatives. Through promoting healthyworking environment and lifestyles, the company is in a position toencourage its workers to be committed to providing the best.


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