Moral Decay


Evidencesof moral decay and decline are evident all over the media(Niebuhr,&nbsp2013).Recently, I watched the Video /Music Awards (VMA), and I could notbelieve what I saw. People dance wearing a thong and bra only! Whatworld are we living in? What is sickening is the fact that peopleembrace it as normal. The world is fully losing its control and atthe count of every minute, everything that was morally treasured isslipping away (Niebuhr,&nbsp2013).

Furthermore,there is no evident direction that we seem to all move in becausedifferent principles and morals drive every individual. Some signs ofthe apparent moral decay in the society are increased terrorism,teenage sex, abortion, drug use, revealing dressing styles, maritalinfidelity and divorce, internet fraud and addiction, pornographyamong others and some of these things are termed as normal(Niebuhr,&nbsp2013).

Whatis worse is that people no longer care if they are doing what isright or wrong and what they want is to prove a point to the world.Pressure from their peers mainly influences teenagers they fight tooutsmart each other by posting weird photos and messages using mediaplatforms (Niebuhr,&nbsp2013).These unusual behaviors are branded as a “cool” lifestyle of thecurrent generation which is, without a doubt, a “decayedgeneration”.

Justlike an organization has the code of ethics that guides its employeeson what should be done, so does the society. A moral code can help along way in changing these trends if only they are enforced andfollowed to the letter. It can be made as a law like the TenCommandments given to us. Though the Bible advocates for free will byusing this law, it will help in safeguarding the morals ofgenerations to come.

TheGolden Rule, is similar to Mathew 7:12 “do unto others what youwant them to do to you” irrespective of their creed, religion orrace (Niebuhr,&nbsp2013).If everybody followed this rule, we would be in a better place, butthis does not mean that it could change everything since the world iswith sin, which existed from the time of creation in the Garden ofEden, which is the source of the bad morals that we experience today.

Thismeans that the decline of morals in the society existed since then.Adam and Eve sinned and from then wrong doing became continuous andhas increased with the emergence of technology. The thread of evil ismoving to the worst with time. Satan is the source of sin, and hefound a loophole to win many by the use of technology. The Internethas been one source of many bad behaviors such as watchingpornography and crime, which is not only affecting the youth, butalso adults and even children (Niebuhr,&nbsp2013).

Thus,as a member of this generation in an effort to help, I will live asan example to my peers and work hard to educate the society on goodmorals. The world should rise and condemn the acts that bring moraldecay. The Christian family is one of them they should work hand inhand with other religions that share the same interest and rebuke theevil that has encroached the society. Parents should talk to theirchildren and guide them on what is good and bad, while religiousleaders give enough religious teachings even in events that are notfor religious purposes.


Niebuhr,&nbspR.(2013). Moral man and immoral society: A study in ethics andpolitics (2013&nbsped.). Louisville, KY: Westminster John KnoxPress.