Multiple Choice Questions

MultipleChoice Questions

Q1.Theempirical rule states that, for data having a bell-shapeddistribution, the percentage of data values being within one standarddeviation of the mean isapproximately?a.33b.50c.68d.95Q2.Sincethe population size is always larger than the sample size, then thesample statistic?a.can never be larger than the population parameterb.can never be equal to the population parameterc.can never be zerod.None of the other answers are correct.Q4.Positive values of covariance indicate?

a.a positive variance of the x valuesb.a positive variance of the y valuesc.the standard deviation is positived.a positive relation between the x and the y variablesQ5.Animportant numerical measure of the shape of a distribution isthe?a.correlation coefficientb.variancec.skewnessd.relative locationQ6.Whichof the following statements about financial growth factors using thegeometric mean is untrue?a.The growth factor cannot be less than zero.b.A growth factor less than 1 indicates negative growth.c.A growth factor greater than 2 indicates more than 100 percentgrowth.d.A growth factor greater than 0 indicates positive growth.