My calling


Before understanding my calling in life, I was directionless. I usedto ask myself, “what do I really want to do with my life”?Accumulating much wealth was my goal. Even before achieving it, aseries of question started lingering in my mind, and I was convincedthat I could not tell what will happen after I have become wealthy.This was when I realized that life is more than monetary possessions.

About two years ago, I was going through my Facebook account readingother people’s posts. Of course, I hardly posted anything on any ofmy social media platforms since I could not afford to be vulnerableby exposing my flaws. For instance, I could not convince myself towrite a post narrating how an unfortunate incidence had turned intoan opportunity. All I was thinking is that people are so inhumane andhave no time for true life narrations. Then I accidently came acrossthe story of Nick Vijucic a motivational speaker with neither legsnor hands. At first, I felt sorry for him, but by the time I wasthrough with the long post, I never knew what to infer on what I hadjust read. I reread the story several times and even managed toshare it on my timeline something I was not fond of doing. It iswhile reading the testimonies of people whose lives had been changedby Nick`s story that I realized that my goal of becoming a tycoon wasworthless, and I started the journey to realizing my true calling.

After taking some time to reflect on myself, I realized that all Iwanted in my life was to change other people’s lives. At first, Idid not know the kind of change that I wanted to see in people’slives, but I was sure that being a politician was not part of myvision. I never wanted to feel as if other people owe me for what Iwould do to them, and this is when I realized that my calling was tobecome a motivational speaker. In the beginning, I knew just ahandful of motivational speakers and the majority of them weretelevangelists and this is why I am excited taking a theology class.Besides, I came to learn that they all had a similar message to theiraudience, which was the power of utilizing one’s talent andmaximizing on the strengths. For some time, I thought that there wassomething odd about this message.

After going through the work of several renowned motivationalspeakers and reading the biographies of some of the most accomplishedindividuals on earth, I learned that a person`s weakness is a keyingredient to his/her success. While many people believe that successis the product of one’s desire and efforts to optimize on his/herpotential, I came to realize that this is a fallacy. For me, successis as a result of one’s desire to overcome his/her weakness. Usingthe life of Nick Vijucic, I tend to think that had he been born withlimbs and legs probably he could not have achieved the success he isenjoying today working as a motivational speaker. Another goodexample is the life of the former United States President AbrahamLincoln, who was born to a poor family and it is his desire toovercome the poverty that made him a great person.

This marked the turning point in my life. However, I realized thatone needs to lay down a strategy on how he/she is to realize his/hermeaning in life. In my case, I realized that I needed to equip myselfwith good communication skills. Besides, I was convinced that Ineeded a platform to convey my messages of hope to those strugglingwith different forms of weaknesses such as physical disability,diseases, economic issues, and social problems. Consequently, for thepast one year, I have been building on my communication skills inaddition to establishing my blog which I will launch in a few monthstime once I have enough content to publish in it. My affirmation camelast year when I was very sick and while in the hospital, I was givenan opportunity to speak to other patients. This is when I realizedthat it is my dire situation that had resulted in me being given thechance to offer encouragement to other people going through stressfulsituations.