My Writing Experience

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MyWriting Experience

Writingis one of the most common methods used in the modern world to shareinformation, record historical events, and preserve criticalinformation for the subsequent generations. However, it takes time,dedication, mentorship, and resources for one to develop properwriting skills. People follow different paths to acquire theirwriting skills. In addition, people take different durations tobecome competent writers, which depend on the level of passion anddedication (Raab 12). The ability to combine words and createpassages that can be understood by the targeted audience is one ofthe key measures of a competitive writer. In this paper I willdiscuss my writing experience by focusing on the reasons why I write,my writing successes, and negative experiences. I will also discussmy attraction to words, written communication, and language as wellas changes in my interest in writing in the recent years.

Thereare two major reassures that help me find pleasure in writing. First,I am strongly convinced that writing is a way of finding meaning andcommunicating it to other people. I feel gifted in finding meaning ondifferent issues and writing is the only tool that can help me sharemy interpretation of these issues to the public. Secondly, I considerwriting as a strategy that helps me achieve personal development.Writing is a process that requires a full concentration. This processhelps me reflect on my life and the surrounding issues. Thisexperience enables me build the sense of worth by communicating myinner thoughts. Therefore, I learn new ideas while struggling tocommunicate what I already know to the readers.

Ihave learned about the role of writing in the development of myintellectual capacity and personal life, but I have not been able tocommit myself fully into it. Most of my time goes intoacademic-related activities, which has denied me time to focus onwriting. The lack of time has limited my writing to academic workonly. In other words, most of my writings are academic in nature.

Peopledefine success in different ways. Some people measure success on thebasis of the article that they have successfully completed, the goalsthat they have accomplished, getting rewards in a competition, or thematerial gains that they are able to attribute directly to theirwriting. In my case, the ability to write in proper English is one ofmy biggest successes. From experience, proficiency in English hasenhanced my ability to write academic papers that can be understoodby my teachers as well as the classmates in my study group.

AlthoughI have confidence in my writing skills, I have learned through boththe positive and negative experiences. During the lower grades, mostof the teachers require their students to write about their personalexperiences and rarely introduce them into academic writing. The lackof skills required to complete academic paper is one of my negativeexperiences. After joining high school, I was required to completecoursework and assignments using all rules required in academicwriting. I had no option other than copying and referred to previousacademic papers in the library and on the internet. I had to addressanother challenge, which is plagiarism.

Ifeel attracted to words, language, and written communication fordifferent reasons. I am attracted to words because I see them as thebuilding blocks that help me construct sentences, paragraphs, and thewhole passages that enable me communicate my ideas. Personally, I seelanguage from a unique perspective. Language helps me connect withother people, learn from them, and share my knowledge with them. Forexample, learning how to communicate effectively in English has beenuseful to me since I am able to interact and communicate with thepeople who consider it as their native language (Irvin 3). It alsohelps me reach out to those who have learned English as their secondlanguage. In addition, written communication fascinates me because itserves as a reliable way of passing my ideas, not just to the currentgeneration, but also to the future readers of my work. Although ittakes time to write passages and texts, I feel that the effortsapplied are commensurate with the value of the written communication.

Initially,I considered writing as a waste of time and a tedious exercise.However, my interest in writing has changed in the recent years. Myinterest changed after realizing that writing is the only way to makemy communication reach more people and last for a longer time. Apartfrom writing for the purpose of making communication to others, Itake as a fun. Playing with words to make comprehensive passageshelps me grow my intellectual thinking. Moreover, I attribute myrenewed interest in writing to the fact that it makes me feel alive.Writing is a form of art that gives me an aesthetic experience. Itdraws me into the moment, help me connect with reality, and documentit for future reflection.

Inconclusion, writing is a process that helps people to share theirideas with others in academic or non-academic contexts. The academicwriting plays a critical role in preparing learners to becomeprofessional writers after graduation. However, the process oflearning how to apply writing as a tool for effective communicationinvolves a lot of challenges. In my case, challenges and negativeexperiences that I have encountered have been some of the greatestopportunities for learning.


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