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Summary:The Story of an Hour

Thetask of informing Mrs. Mallard of her husband’s death seemed hardbecause of her heart disease condition. Thus care was taken to revealthe news. Her sister, Josephine, delivered the news in a crude wayusing broken lines and half hidden hints. Present in the scene wasRichards, a friend of Mr. Mallard and the first to know of the demisefollowing the reports of a rail tragedy. Mrs. Mallard took the newsin an unusual way and after grieving she went alone into her roomwhere she stood facing an open window and then sank into acomfortable roomy armchair where she could see and feel theenvironment outside. She sat there motionlessly only being moved byoccasional bursts of sobs.

Mrs.Mallard was young and had a calm face with lines showing repressionand absolute strength. She glared dully at blue patches in the sky,and slowly thought of her ultimate freedom and started to whisperthat she was free. The vacant stare and fear that had been in hereyes disappeared. Mrs. Mallard continuously questioned the amount ofjoy she had, but she dismissed it as trivial. She realized she wouldweep again at her husband’s sight. Mrs. Mallard welcomed the ideaof freedom in the years ahead. From outside the room, Josephinecalled her to open the room so that she could not subject herself toillness. When Mrs. Mallard opened the door, her face had a feverishtriumph, walking like a goddess of victory. She held her sister bythe waist, and they went downstairs where Richards was still waiting.Someone opened the door with a latch-key, and it turned out to beBrently Mallard who seemed to be from long travel and never knew ofthe news of the accident. He was surprised by the screams fromJosephine and Richards attempt to block him from his wife’s view,but she saw him. When the medics arrived, they confirmed that Mrs.Mallard`s death resulted from a heart attack, but it was the joy thatkilled her.


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