New hire orientation training program

Newhire orientation training program

Walmartstores have been able to remain competitive through efficientapplication of its rigorous strategies to achieve the organization’svision which is to remain the best-selling retailer in both thehearts and the minds of the customers and workers. The company iscommitted to ensuring diversity within its employees and suppliers.The organization has been able to empower supplier diversity throughencapsulation of supplier diversity programs into the firm’soverall entrepreneurial objectives (Brunn, 2012). The company expectsevery employee to perform in tandem with the organization’s goalwhich is to position the company at the top of the industry. Theprimary objective of the customer service representative shouldalways be to ensure that the clients obtain the best service from theWalmart stores which includes consumer patronage and satisfaction(Brunn, 2012).

Thereare various strategies to be adopted to provide positive customerservice. They include good listening, welcoming complaints,maintaining customer loyalty and measuring one’s performance amongothers. A customer service representative is expected to take certainroles while working within the firm which includes reaching out tocustomers, helping them place orders, resolving their complaints andwelcoming them to the organization. To ensure effectiveness, thecompany requires one to possess certain technical and behaviouralskills such patience, eloquence, etiquette, attentiveness, knowledgeof our products and time management skills among others.

Walmartis dedicated to preparing its people for the workplace as well asbeyond. The company believes in equipping employees through theprovision of education programs that promote both personal andprofessional development. According to the management of this firm,education is deemed as the first step towards change. The corporationwill offer training programs that equip customer service workers withthe necessary tools and experience required for them to advancewithin the company or change entirely to new fields.


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