Nursing Career Pathway

NursingCareer Pathway

Whenwe search in the dictionary for the word nurse, it is defined assomeone who takes care of the sick. Reflecting upon this, it seemsnatural however, I believe that nursing has more to offer than thesimple definition. Nursing is a very rewarding and influentialprofession as nurses get to care for people through birth, grieve,loss, injury, and illness. Not only do they care for the ill, butthey also educate the public, prevent diseases, and promote health(Mason, Isaacs, &amp Colby, 2011). The society understands nursingas a profession that is dedicated to helping the ailing in thesociety but in my founded opinion, I believe it needs more than adesire to succeed by an individual. It is vital for a nurse to becaring, thoughtful, determined, energetic, and open. A nursereflecting these qualities will make it easier for them to handletheir patients (Mason, Isaacs, &amp Colby, 2011).

Ibelieve that my choice in this career path is when growing up I had adesire to make real inspirations in people`s lives. The need to carefor others has always been my desire as I have the ability andqualities needed. I believe I am truly suited to being a nurse as Iam an individual who is open to communication and honest, which arean important trait in this profession. Nurses are considered as themain link of communication between the doctor and the patients. Moreoften, they relate to an ill patient`s family by being empathetic totheir situation. Nursing is a few of those careers that not onlyassist others in the society but also, builds your character as anindividual. It is a profession that allows for an opportunity tolearning new ideas each day it is diverse, ever-changing, andexciting (Mason, Isaacs, &amp Colby, 2011). The career is tough, butthe ultimate feeling of accomplishment derived from helping a totalstranger makes it worthwhile.


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