Themodes of interaction and flow of information within an organization,with any terms of engagement are key topics of knowledge in CriminalJustice. An organization system may either be closed or opendepending on the flow of information and type of interactions. Anopen system theory of organization is an organization that allowsfree flow of information and ideas across the organizational membersand even externally with other individuals or institutions thatsupport its course or its objectives. Unlike a closed system, an opensystem lacks hierarchy in its team ad information flows in anunstructured manner across the organizational members, groups orexternal entities. Working groups may be established with a charterthat matches the overall organization’s goals and objectives, toperform specific functions that contribute towards attainment of thegoals of the organization. This paper attempts to discuss an opensystem theory of administration in an organization and its relevanceto criminal justice.

Inan open system the “authority” from where all the orders orinformation emanates from is not centered and it operates on ‘trust’unlike in a closed system which attracts a lot of attention toCriminal justice. The source of the information, command, authorityand any agreements or contracts within the organization, as well asthe accountability of the information transfer within and out of anopen system should be known (Stojkovic, Kalinich &amp Klofas.2014).This is to allow for correct apportionment of liability for anycriminal activities done by or to the organization and criminalpunishment accorded to the right individual who betrayed the ‘trust’in an open system. The organization’s interactions with externalentities and any agreements or contracts as to the flow ofinformation should be known in order to apportion anyaccountabilities criminal liabilities resulting there-from to theright entities.


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