Outline Walter White`s Character Development in the TV Show Breaking Bad

Outline:Walter White’s Character Development in the TV Show Breaking Bad

The TV ShowBreaking Bad presents the character development of Walter Whitethroughout the five seasons. In particular, Walter White transformsfrom a simple chemistry teacher to a hardcore criminal because of theadvancing cancer.


Walter White enters into a life of drugs and crime after the doctordiagnoses him with stage III cancer. With only two years to live, hedecides to find a perfect inheritance plan for his family and dealingwith meth seems more appealing.

He takes the shortest time possible to understand how themanufacturing and distribution of meth works and becomes an expert inthe dealings. Together with his former student that is Jesse Pinkmanthey create “blue meth” that the market loves and purchases inlarge quantities,

Walt keeps his activities as a secret and even Hank hisbrother-in-law did not have an idea of the drugs and crimes that heengaged in. However, Hank was unable to detect any activities sinceWalt still retained his role of a high school teacher with all thechanges.

From a simple meth manufacturer, Walt transforms to a hardcorecriminal that even kills those people that opposes him. For instance,Tuco and Krazy-8 are just some of the victims that Walt kills as hetries to get hold of the industry.

He still remains a family loving person even with all the animosityand insecurity that the industry has exposed him into.

Walt also starts living an insecure life since he is afraid of hisenemies and the police officers that want to identify the real manbehind all those illegal activities.


In conclusion,Walter White underwent a significant transformation that saw himturning into a hardcore criminal and not the high school chemistryteacher.