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Travellingis one of the most valuable and inspiring activities with whichalmost all people love to engage. For an individual, it is a platformthat offers an opportunity to relax and escape from the dailyactivities. Travelling also offers an opportunity for people toobserve the culture of other areas either locally or internationally.To some people, traveling is a channel to experience fun and make aneffort to visit as many cafes, pubs, and clubs. One of the mostsignificant places I have visited is Paris, the capital city ofFrance.

Parisis a global renowned city and was established approximately over 2000years ago. For that reason, it is known to be very rich in areas ofculture and history. Besides the cultural aspect, the city is alsoknown in global context as the arena whereby music and fashion arefabricated together. Paris is usually given certain attributes suchas being referred to as ‘the city of love’ and the ‘city oflight’ because of its remarkable scenery, commonly observed atnight.

Itis a lovely city with numerous interesting sights and fun things todo. Mont Mart is a huge shopping zone and enhances trading ofcommodities ranging from clothes, wines, bakeries and souvenir shops.There are many elegant and easy to find restaurants and cafesthroughout the city which offer wonderful foods. Popular types offood include the escargot which is an appetizer made of snails and acelebrated French delicacy Coq au vin, which is simply chicken and adelicious desert known as creme brulee. France’s pastries are thebest in the world.

Itis crucial and benefitting for people to know the country’s historyand culture as well as other countries hence Paris offer thisopportunity. This city houses historical monuments such as the Arc deTriomphe (Triumphal Arch, with which soldiers in war were buriedunderneath) and the Louvre. Louvre comprises one of the mostlegendary museums on the globe. It was initially constructed as afortress to provide protection from attacks by foreign countries.This museum offers a broad range of historical artifacts, includingthe sculptures and historical paintings such as those of Venis deMilo and Mona Lisa.

Thisbeautiful city is the heart of the fashion world, particularly in thewestern world from the 17thto the 21stcentury. Most of the clothes worn have their origins in Paris evenwhen manufactured or designed elsewhere. The Couture, a fashion lineof products exists exclusively in Paris and has been a source ofprestige assisting to avail a variety of items ranging from perfumesto ready to wear cloth-lines. Paris has many local and influentialinternational designers who live and work there. An example of such adesigner is John Galliano. Though other cities such as London, Milan,and New York compete to be recognized as the fashion capitals, Parishas remained to be a significant and globally acknowledged fashioncity (Smith, 2016).

Anothermagnificent sight in the city is the Eiffel Tower. The structure isan outstanding feature and offers such a beautiful scenery where onecan view the whole city from its top. The Palace of Versailles withits gardens still stands and exhibits its non-fading beauty. NotreDame and Sacre Coeur are an enormous and beautiful churches whichoffer a great view of the city from their tops. Canal St. Martin isalso a tourist site in Paris. It is a river that flows in the midstof the city. The scenery is especially more dazzling at night andindividuals can enjoy themselves by riding boats along it. There is abridge along it that offers a romantic place for couples (Castellaroetal.,2016)

Thereis no doubt that Paris is the most impeccable travel site in Franceconsidering its historical backgrounds, cultural heritage and theartistic tradition vested in it. With fine restaurants, sufficientshopping areas and incredible fashion industry, Paris proves to be avery wonderful travel destination. It will always remain as one ofthe most significant places I have visited.


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