Part 3 Mock Arbitration

Part3 Mock Arbitration



Theappropriate decision in light of the turn of the events between theCAC Company and the workers entails dealing with the evidence that anexisting collective agreement was misinterpreted. Most importantly,dealing with such facts will involve interest arbitration where theterms and conditions of employment should be contained in a resultingagreement. For instance, the employment contract proposed by CACseems non-negotiable and violates the terms agreed. Some of theviolations the contract commits include failure of considering theproductivity of the employees, diminishing the employee’s jobsecurity and inability to consider crucial fundamentals of labor.Therefore, to ensure resolution of the disputes within theorganization, CAC should make sure that they provide a cafeteria forthe workers or pay them for the one hour they go for lunch. Theseshould be followed closely by the addition of personal time offpolicy where the company should allow the employees to have at least5 hours of personal time every month to attend to emergency issues.According to the Labor and Employment Act, every employer should payat least half of their employee’s medical insurance plan, but theyshould not pay for their family members (Introduction to Labor andEmployment Act, 2011). The payment of their families’ medical planwould increase the vulnerability of the company to taxes on theincome of the employees. Nevertheless, the working schedule should bechanged in a way that the employees get to leave early enough but notaffect the productivity of the company. This should involve a programstarting from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Introduction to Labor andEmployment Act, 2011).

Similarly,the company should incorporate a vision plan in their objectives asit will indicate their desired outcome and possibly motivate theemployees to work in the achievement of the goal. The concept planwould also favor the productivity of the employees through ensuringthat they work towards the accomplishment of a task bigger than theirdaily activities. The reason behind the decisions made entails thefact that motivation of workers within an organization helps in theachievement of the desired goals. However, the realization of thesegoals requires a suitable environment as well as terms and conditionsthat allow the employees to maximize their input for a higher output.An appropriate environment for the workers would involve conveniencein the working hours where all employees get to work motivated andleave early enough to attend to other matters before the day ends(Introduction to Labor and Employment Act, 2011). Besides, a suitablepay would allow them to become focused and even desire to drive thecompany towards a higher and better state. Thirdly, the decisionsemanated from a legal point of view where the company needs to complywith the standards set in place by the law in agreement with thebenefits employers should give to their employees. Most of thedemands the workers made involved a legal perspective where forinstance, the medical policy is one of the requirements of theEmployment and Labor Act. However, the responsibility of the employerinvolves ensuring that they have an individual health insurance plan(Introduction to Labor and Employment Act, 2011).

Infuture, the company may avoid such disputes through compliance withthe set standards and policies regarding the employment and laboracts. Besides, they should also incorporate a contract discussed andagreed upon by both parties before any action is taken. Further, thecompany should include some guidelines that help the employeesunderstand their benefits within the enterprise (Introduction toLabor and Employment Act, 2011).


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