Personal Statement of Ethics


I am a construction project manager for a residential contractor. Myprimary responsibility involves ensuring that the job is completedaccording to the plan, within the set budget and timeline. I holdseveral meetings with homeowners and subs to make sure that theturnaround schedules and required quality are maintained. I alsoliaise with relevant authorities and inspectors to ensure that thebuilding standards and codes are upheld.

Several ethical principles guide me in my daily responsibilities.They define who I am as an employee and a professional. Striving forexcellence is my most important doctrine as a worker. All my effortsare aimed at ensuring that my work stands out, thus, satisfying myclients as well as the employer. Building trust is a basic aspect ofmy professionalism. Trustworthiness involves meeting the expectationof my colleagues, bosses, and all individuals I encounter in my dailyroutine work. It also entails being accountable and takingresponsibility for the consequences of my action. Furthermore, it iscritical to have a good working relationship, based on trust, withregulators and authorities in the construction industry.

Being honest and transparent is essential in project management. Thisis due to tight deadlines and budgets that are involved. Forinstance, being sincere and open during communication with homeownersis vital in ensuring that they are adequately informed about theprogress of the work and avoiding disappointments. Also, setting agood example is a virtue I have learned through experience in myprofessional life. If I forego some rules, I should also expectothers to do the same. Therefore, I strive to be exemplary in myinteractions and communication with stakeholders to create an ethicalatmosphere.


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