Philosophy in Nursing

Philosophyin Nursing

Philosophyin Nursing

Nursesare expected to apply their academic knowledge in delivering healthcare, but their thoughts also affected their practice. The thoughtsthat influence nursing practice are stated in the philosophy ofnursing (University Health System, 2016). In addition, the nursingphilosophy endorses different ethical values that nurses hold as thebasis of their belief in the theory. In this paper I will provide anaccount of my personal beliefs.


Aset of principles that form the belief system influences the mannerin which a nurse delivers health care services. Personally, I wasinfluenced by two factors when developing my belief system. The firstfactor is the trend of immigration that has resulted in a diversesociety in the U.S. It is estimated that the U.S has a total of about42.4 million people who are classified as documented or undocumentedimmigrants (Zong, 2016). These people have different culturalpractices, hobbies, and diets from the rest of the population. Bybelieving in the values that help me serve a diverse clientele, I amable to accommodate all patients, irrespective of their demographicdifferences.

Secondly,I was influenced by compassion. Most of undocumented immigrants aresemi-skilled and have strong cultural values. These values limit theability of access quality services or find value in the formal healthcare systems. I have a duty as a compassionate nurse who believes indiversity and the concept of inclusion to create an environment thatwill attract immigrants to the formal health care system. The twofactors affected the way I practice nursing by motivating me toenhance my level of cultural sensitivity.

Descriptionof Metaparadigm

Thefour-domain metaparadigm helps me organize my beliefs and nursingknowledge in the context as well as the content of person, theenvironment, nursing, and health. I see patients as human beingsfirst, and then try to understand their cultural and ethnicbackgrounds. The facilitation of the mutual awareness and effectivedialogue are some of the strategies I use to facilitate a two-wayrelationship with the clients in order to understand them better. Inaddition, a shared negotiation and transparency help me overcome thechallenge of power imbalance between the patient and the nurse. Thispersonal relationship with the patients helps me identify beliefs aswell as cultural practices that might interfere with their perceptionof the entire process of service delivery.

Theconcept of environment helps me focus on the quality of thesurroundings in which I put my patients. Environment is a conceptreferring to internal as well as external factors that have directand indirect impact on the patient’s health. I strongly believethat the environment plays a critical role in the occurrence ofdisease and the recovery. I derive this belief from the Nightingale’stheory of environment, which considers nursing as the practice thatinvolves the utilization of the clients’ environment in order tohelp patients recover quickly (Cruz, 2016). I believe that theenvironment has an influence on the patient’s psychological andbiological functioning. I understand that the patient’s environmentcan be influenced by different factors, including the family,socio-cultural interactions, and geographical location. My role as anurse is to educate patients on the significance and how to maintaina healthy environment in order to increase the pace at which theyrecover. For example, encouraging patients to maintain goodrelationships with their family members and co-workers enhances theirpsychological well-being, which contribute towards their quickrecovery.

Idefine the concept of health as people’s state of well-being thatis indicated by the ability to take care of themselves, function, andlife free of illnesses. In addition, I feel that I have a duty as anurse to understand my patients in the context of their respectivedeterminants of health. I apply the holistic perspective that helpsme see my clients in the light of their life circumstances. My dutyas a nurse is to keep people healthy by sharing information about theprevention of diseases, nutrition, and other health issues. Forexample, I understand that people from different cultures havedissimilar diets and hobbies. The information that I share variesfrom members of one cultural group to another since I take account ofthe diet and cultural differences.

Inmy view the concept of nursing refers to the practice of assisting,facilitating, and supporting families, communities, and individualsto prevent illnesses, manage the effects of sickness, and recoverhealth (Cruz, 2016). This definition helps me see nursing as apractice. I believe that the main focus of this practice is patients.Therefore, nursing should be practiced in a manner that takes accountof the cultural believes, diets, and hobbies of patients for it to beeffective.


Thebelief system affects the manner in which professional nurses deliverthe health care services. Nurses who believe in the concepts ofinclusion and diversity should create an enabling environment thatcan help immigrants develop trust in the formal health system. Thefour-domain metaparadigm enables nurses deliver a holistic care thatconsiders the needs of patients as the center of attention.


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