Poem response


Ilove Cinderellaby Anne Sexton as it emphasizes the need to show kindness to otherpeople because evil will never prevail over goodness. The poetsuccessfully transformed the fairy tale into a poem with a sardonictwist. The phrase “I`ll die young” informs the reader that“happily ever after” is a fantasy that cannot be fulfilled inthis world.

Afterreading Rita Dove’s poem, FifthGrade Autobiography,I realized that the author is portrayed as a fifth- grade boy. I wasmesmerized that the narrator talks about his grand father’s deathin a casual tone. However, I learned that the narrator had fondmemories of his grandfather whom he recalls through the smell oflemons. People have distinctive smells, and characteristics, which weuse to remember them, and the narrator reminiscences his grandfatherthough the lemon’s smell.

Barbariansby Mary Ruefle describes a scene on cows sleeping in the open. I findthe poem very fascinating because the author symbolically uses thecows to describe how naive people expose themselves to danger withoutknowing. The word “die” describes the aftermath of behaving in aninexperienced manner when there are people ready to take advantage ofthe situation.

EatingAloneby Li-Young Lee, makes use of descriptive words to express hisemotions as manifested through the environment. The speaker makes useof images to communicate to the readers about his loneliness andmemories. The author uses the words “my own loneliness” toaccentuate his desire for a father figure during his youthful years.

Thepoem, Visions,and interpretationsbyLi-Young Lee fascinates the reader because the author makes use ofimages to describe his father and imagines how his death willemotionally affect his son. The short paragraphs and evocative sceneshighlight the significance and reality of his father’s death. Theauthor uses the words: “visions and interpretations” to signifythat while he is nearing his death, his son will experience the samegrief he feels when mourning his father.

HistoryLesson by Natasha Trethewey describes the 1960s political andcultural situation resulting from racism. I find the poem veryinspiring because despite the existing racial prejudice, there ishope for an equal and fair society. The author uses the word“flowered hips” when describing both the white and the women onthe beach to signify that all people are equal regardless of theirracial background.