Police brutality Background



  1. Background

Thepolice play a critical role in society as its key protectors. Recentincidences where police officers have been associated with cases ofracism, excessive use of force, corruption as well as other forms ofmisconduct have dented the image of the police. In America, thenarrative that police discriminate against the blacks is gainingcurrency leading to the emergence of lobby groups such as the BlackLives Matter.

  1. Thesis statement: Unjustified police shooting is the cause of increasing racial tensions in America.

  1. Problem overview

  1. State of police brutality in United States

Accordingto Garcia and Sharif (2015), police brutality is currently consideredto be one of the most serious violations of human rights and civilliberties in the United States. This is as a result of unjustifiedshootings, fatal choking, severe beatings and rough treatment bypolice.

  1. Origins of the Black Lives Matter Movement

Theacquittal of George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch crime captain ofthe murder of Trayvon Martin, an armed black teenage boy gavecredence to lobby movement, the Black Lives Matter. Subsequentkillings of two unarmed black men namely Michael Brown of Fergusonand Eric Garner of Missouri in the hands of police served to promotethe narrative that African American lives do not matter.

  1. Increasing racial tensions

  1. Racial profiling

Goingby the latest incidences of police brutality, it is clear that suchunjustified shootings or racial profiling will only promote racialhatred pitting blacks against the white Americans.

  1. The impact of lobby groups

Campaignsby movements such as Black Lives Matter tend to sensitize thegovernment and the public about police brutality.

  1. Counterargument

  1. Code of regulations

Whereasrecent incidences relating to police brutality reinforce thenarrative that African Americans are profiled by police, nothingcould be further from the truth. Notably, police operate under astrict code of regulations that does not condone unprofessionalismand or racial profiling (Garcia and Sharif (2015).

  1. Negative impact of lobby groups

Again,campaigns by vocal lobby groups such as Black Lives Matter are thereal cause of increasing racial tensions in America because theyspread the narrative that police brutality is only inflicted onAfrican Americans.

  1. Conclusion

Whilepolice brutality has contributed significantly to incitement ofracial tensions in America, it is important to note that theactivities of movements such as Black Lives Matter only worsen theincreasing racial tensions. This is because police misconduct affectspeople from people of all races.


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