Press Release Shanghai Resort Expansion


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PressRelease: Shanghai Resort Expansion

ABillion Dollar Deal for Shanghai Amusements Park Expansion

PublicRelation, SunshineEnterprises, Inc.

Thelucrative deal of expanding Shanghai Amusement park is now a realtyafter a collaborative feasibility study conducted by its mainbusiness Partner-Sunshine Enterprises, Inc. proposed logical reasonsfor the expansion. This business deal is worth 5 billion Yuan, anequivalency of US$0.8 billion. The deal will greatly improve thegeneral business image of Sunshine Enterprises international company.

First,since the opening of the amusement park in 2008, the attendancestatistics notes an annual increase of more than 30%. This annualincrement of attendance is a clear indicator of expectation ofincrease on ROI (Return on Investment).

ChineseHospitality and Tourism market is making great stride of growth. By2019, the market is expected to grow up to 34% according to theresults provided by PhoCusWright, a company monitoring travel trendinto china.

Itis crucial to note that the park is easily accessible by a largepopulation around it. Over 330 million people can access the ShanghaiResort by a 3-hour drive of its radius. At any instance there islikely congestion occurrence in the Amusement park. Therefore, theexpansion will be an inevitable option of investment for thestakeholders.

Moreover,McKinsey a global management consultancy firm has noted that China’ssocial stratification levels will change by 2022. In relation to thatstatement, upper-middle and the affluent households will have grownby 18% on an annual basis.



Thecurrent economic projection states the actual necessity of why theexpansion of the Shanghai Resort is crucial and need to beimplemented in the right economical time. Once Sunshine Enterprisewill implement the deal, it will be demonstrating its core long-termobjectives for the business partner and the economic development ofChina as a country.

Importantly,completion of Shanghai Resort project will be by the spring of 2018.The completion will see the resort coming up with additionalfacilities such as lodging and entertainment for attracting morevisitors.

Wendall McCoy, SunshineEnterprises, Inc. CEO affirms, “The deal to expand Shanghai Resortis a welcomed move. China is proving to be the next big thing in thehospitality and tourism industry around the globe. Since the openingof the resort, a surging number of visitors has been having goodmoments at the park, the numbers attribute to 30% annually.Similarly, China as a market, there are projections of increasedvisitors’ influx by 34% annually by 2019. In 2022, the lifestyle ofChinese middle and upper class will be improving by 18% annually.Economically, the expansion will lead to more job opportunity toChina labor market”

SunshineEnterprises, Inc., together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, isa leading diversified international entertainment and mediaenterprise with five business segments: media networks, parks andresorts, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive.


Toeffectively get the message to the intended group accompanying medianeed to place on strategic points on the press release. Pictures ofthe current Shanghai Resort should be well captured, next thispicture the architectural impression design of the yet to be expandedresort should be embedded to make the deal idealistic to the reader.The statistical factors need to be followed with proper graphicalrepresentations to indicate the prospected annual increment.