Primary Purpose of Higher Education

PrimaryPurpose of Higher Education

Thequestion of the primary purpose of higher education has been a debatefor many years. Over a few years ago, there has been a trend ofreducing the extent of knowledge by the higher education so that morecredits can be consecrated into their specialization. Many think thatthe purpose of higher education is professional preparations of thenext lawyers, business managers, mathematicians, engineers, teachers,and doctors. This is a role by higher education but should not be theprimary purpose of higher education. The purpose of higher educationis and should be creating prepared minds that include bestowingcharacter, wisdom, knowledge, virtue and skills for careerdevelopment. The higher education has become commercialized, andthere is a posing danger. The commercialization has the power toerode the core purpose of creating prepared minds. The influence instarting businesses and manufacturing products using the moneyentrusted to boost higher education would make the public and theindustry lose trust in them. The university should serve as a neutralinstitution which aims at providing the higher goal of educationrather than being involved in competitive businesses. The facilitiesare given by the government to higher education for examplepreparatory equipment, and research labs can end up creating newproducts in the process of learning, but it will result to morequalified staffs that fit in the competitive industry. It impliesthat even when commercialization has taken its root, the creation ofprepared minds should be appreciated and protected. Creating moreprepared minds help to narrow the gap and keep pace with othercompeting countries.

Theincreasing interest among the adult to pursue higher education fitswell with the goal of creating prepared mind. Adults probably havewell-developed character, but their need is to prepare minds for morevaluable roles. The purpose would also play a prominent role in aneconomy where there is a high rate of unemployment, and everyone aimsat enhancing their economic situation. Spending money on research isa good initiative rather than only focusing on creating products orinnovating new businesses. Commercial products should be a secondaryoutcome rather than by-products. Commercializing ideas gained fromresearch at the university labs also need an active mind to create ajob. The research work is the foundation of building many businesseswhether as startups or as new engagement in an existing business. Anentrepreneurial work also requires prepared minds apart from theengineering or science. Business schools should prepare students withentrepreneurial minds and skills.

Anymoney spent on research would help in creating new goods andservices, but at last, it will create prepared minds required by theindustry and businesses. After the prepared minds graduate, they willtake into account and capitalize the innovations. They will be ableto create new businesses and consequently more jobs. Ready mindsshould be set up in fields such as entrepreneur, science, andengineering. The support from the government will help to developmore schools which aim at preparing mindsets of people. Business andindustry require developed entrepreneurial minds to make a countrycompetitive. When students become aware that the government issupporting innovation, they would not only start joining highereducation but also stay to develop new businesses which will improveour industry and economy. In conclusion, it’s the prepared mind ofan entrepreneur that will transform the innovations of scientists andengineers into economic affluence.