Product distribution strategy


Productdistribution strategy


Theavailability of products at the comfort of the clients and at thetime they need them is a crucial marketing strategy in allindustries. The fast foods industry has been growing with variousoutlets being opened across the cities. The growth comes alongsidecompetition for competition calling for appropriate marketingstrategies for the outlets to operate profitably. This paper willpresent a discussion on the implementation of a successful marketingstrategy in the fast food industry basing on the Starbucks.

Productdistribution strategy

Marketingstrategy by the fast foods industry.

Fastfoods industry has been growing fast in the recent times. Acrossvarious cities, there have been evidently busy fast foods servingtheir huge base of clients. These industries have put a lot of effortfor them to get the success they boast of today. The main attributingfactor to this success has been ensuring that the clients get theproducts they need at their convenience (Rumore Et al, 1999). One ofan excellent thriving industry in this sector is the Starbucks, whichwill be the center of this discussion.

TheStarbucks has been in operation for a long time with the first outletstarting operations in the 1970’s (Haskova, 2015). Since then, theindustry has grown over time to become a leader in the fast foodsindustry. Starbucks sells a broad range of quality products to theirclients ranging from tea and coffee to food and entertainmentproducts. Starbucks owns over fifteen thousand outlets in over fortycountries across the world. These various stores belonging toStarbucks are close to each other, a strategy which translates tobeing readily accessible (Thomadsen, 2007). As a result, theirclients are not worried about missing out on their products sincethey understand that there are various outlets and can access them atany time.

Acrucial strategy that has made it possible for Starbucks to operatesuccessfully is the fact that they have a strong emphasis on theimage and quality of their products rather than on the prices.Besides this, Starbucks are always personal with their customers. Forinstance, the staff always enquire about the names of the clientswhich they write on the cup as they serve the drinks (Haskova, 2015).

TheStarbucks offers value addition to the products it offers. As aclient enjoys a cup of coffee and some cake, they are in a positionto access free Wi-Fi. This value addition is a strategy which makescustomers keep coming back to the outlet.


Tooperate successfully, Starbucks has ensured that they have as manyoutlets as possible across the world with high quality and uniqueproducts making it a preferred destination for a majority of theclients. The various stores in different locations ensure that theStarbucks is in a position to offer products to customers at theirconvenient time and place.


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Theposting presents a perfect introduction to the broad topic of thefast food industry. It also gives a good thesis statement for thediscussion which is the marketing strategy of the thriving fast foodindustry. The posting has also given a good example of the fast foodindustry, the McDonalds. The writer has done good research work andhas presented the findings in a clear and concise manner on how theindustry has been able to apply marketing strategies successfully.The posting ends with an excellent summary of the successfulmarketing strategies that the McDonalds fast food industryincorporates in their operations.

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ThePosting presents a very brief introduction to the topic of thediscussion. It is also not easy to grasp the main point of thediscussion in the introduction which is the marketing strategies ofthe fast-food industry. The writer has, however, been able to show agood example of the fast food industry which is the A &amp WRestaurants. The posting as well shows the marketing strategiesincorporated by the A &amp W Restaurants clearly. A good flow ofpoints on how the Restaurant has been able to market their productssuccessfully is evident in the posting with the main strategies beinglocation and various outlets. The paper has a right conclusion whichhighlights on the key strategies that the A &amp W Restaurantapplies to ensure they market their products successfully.