Public health issue Obesity

Publichealth issue: Obesity

Obesityisa disease that makes everything sweet apart from salad. In the UnitedStates, signs of obesity are almost everywhere, warped monkey bars,broken seesaws and the list is endless just look for yourself.

Itis believed that one out of every three children is obese oroverweight. A serious contributor to the Obesity crisis is American’seating culture, however, before everyone agrees or disagree, peopleshould ask themselves if that doughnut is worth the girth.

Causesof Obesity

Whenpeople hear about public health in the United States, things that runinto the mind include clean water, garbage collection, disposalsystem and fumigation practices. However, with the rapid change inlifestyle and long working hours, the safety of the type of food thatone eats is a serious health concern. Unlike many decades back,modern American families rarely find time to eat good old nutritiousfoods such as cereals. Most of these have been replaced by fancydinners in restaurants and cheap fast foods available in variousoutlets around town.

R iskfactor

Ifyou want someone to be depressed in the United States, let them weighthemselves in grams. Obesity is associated with serious healthconsequences such as cardiovascular problems such as atherosclerosisand high blood pressure. Additionally, those suffering from diabetesare likely to suffer from type two diabetes mellitus. If the trendcontinues, we may even lose our able military men because very fewwill even be able to qualify because of their weight.

Solutionto Obesity Crisis

Itis said that good things come to those who wait, but bad things cometo those who &quotweight.” People need to change their eatingculture. Old eating habits should be encouraged. This will enablefamilies to prepare their food well. Additionally, there is a need toinvestigate some of the junk food advertisements and those found tobe misleading the public banned. Lastly, people should embracephysical exercises because they can help in reducing body fats.