1. Who is your favorite champion? Why?

Iam a mid-main, and my favorite champion is Yasuo. The best thingabout him is that many qualities define his ability making him ableto fit in almost every role comfortably. For instance, he is strongin the middle lane where he can survive his weak early game. He isalso solid in the top lane of the right comps where he can duel andfarm from range when the need arises. His Steel Tempest abilitydefines the bulk of his play style. It lets you spam the ability 1.3seconds at a maximum level to deal, damage and to try to pull off3-move compos to knock up all the enemies on the line.

Yasuois good at diversion when in the lanes. However, I found it a littleoverwhelming to keep him on track in a big team fight since thesubtle visual cues could get lost in the mess and my buff bar has tenicons in it constantly shifting position. It is part of his kit,though, and it is part of what makes it fun to play for especially toa person who enjoys spamming the button like me. There is alwaysenjoyable to do, and because you aim the direction of the attack withthe mouse, you are always focused. It is an intense play style thatdemands full attention.

  1. What is the most memorable moment for you in the League of Legends?

Themost memorable moment is when I just hit level 30. I had a 90-minutegame where my team kept losing the early 35 minutes game regardingfarm towers and team fights. However, because of its length, it gotto the point where both bases were destroyed apart from theinhibitors and the last tower. They were always pushing with Baron.Nevertheless, around the 90th-minute mark, we aced them under ourturret and then went on to win the game while they had ridiculousspawn timers. I have to say to say that we know what could havehappened.

Doyou play any other games? If yes, please list a couple that you havespent quite some time enjoying.

Yes,I do play many games. I like playing games like the World ofWarcraft, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Crusader Kings 2,Stellaris, Call of Duty Series and the White Album 2.

  1. What makes a good game?

Thebalance between playability and continuous challenge

Itshould present endless challenges each leading to another to keep theplayers hooked on it. On the other hand, it should also be easy tounderstand and play so that the player can get immediate and usefulrewards at any stage they are joining it be it in Bate test or amature stage.

Thisconcept can be made possible by laying down short-term and cleargoals that are suitable to the context of the game as well as eachlevel of the player. Every test should be in line with some of thelearning goals. For instance, completing a part of a plot,identifying a sample or answering a question can be a challengingpart of the larger game.

  1. What does the success mean to a gaming company? What about to Riot Games?

Asuccessful gaming company should have a series of unique games withan active entity style. Furthermore, it should have a cloud ofsignificant topics to make the core player and the social media topay attention to the new information.

Ibelieve the success of Riot means it can create a series of othertypes of games to prove that it is successful both in creativity andprofit models. At the same time, its game products should be realforms of series stories to talk about the formation of culture ratherthan attaching it on the brief.