Acausal research is necessary for such a scenario. This is because theacceleration of the top models cannot be explained. Therefore, aresearch should be conducted in order to first determine the causeand effect relationship between a variable and acceleration [ CITATION Spa12 l 1033 ].

Acausal research is the best method to identify what factors cause theacceleration. A descriptive or explanatory research would have beenappropriate if the cause for the acceleration would have beendetermined.


Itis recommended that two groups are present in a research project, theexperimental group and the control group. This is especially the casein developing drugs for pharmaceutical companies. The test drug forthe cancer research seems to have an issue with the patients’mortality. Since the researcher is testing the drugs foreffectiveness, the control groups should be separated by age groupsand different dosage should be administered. However, the controlgroup should be told that the drug treats cancer and they should haveno idea that the drug is just for checking the placebo effect[ CITATION Car13 l 1033 ].


Ifthe sales force manager decides to create a motivational group hemight lack adequate information on what factors makes the sales teamsperform at work. Therefore, he may set up one with only biasedinformation and this may negatively impact the company’sperformance.

Onthe other hand, if he decided to hire a consulting firm, the companymay incur huge costs for hiring an external firm while at the sametime they may lose privy information to the consulting firm which mayaffect the company’s competitive edge in the future.


ABCCompany seems to have some problem with its inventory and two methodshave been suggested in a bid to solve the problem. The first proposalseeks to use last year’s business as a base for its currentinventory records and the second recommends a study of the inventorysystem and make some changes.

Thesecond method seems to the better alternative. This is because thefirst method would encourage budgetary slack and errors. In addition,it is not suited for a business that experiences huge fluctuations ininventory. The second method would address any issues that mightemerge with the new changes proposed.


Asa sales manager who doubles up as a research and a manager, theremight be several issues of concern. First, since the research and thedecisions are made by the same individual, there might be some biasas the decision maker might overlook certain aspects of the research.Secondly, the researcher might manipulate the research in order toarrive at a given conclusion so that he can influence the boatmakers’ decision since there is no separation of duty.


Everyresearch requires resources especially monetary funds to facilitate asuccessful research. Some researches end up doing a sub-standard jobin their project due to limited funds. For instance, a research studymay require the use of surveys and the researcher may be require tosend the surveys to each participant in the study. If the researcherestablishes that he has limited resources he may have to reduce thesample size of the study and this may have a negative effect on thestudy.


Datamining involves the use of raw data and turning it into usefulinformation. Data mining involves the of computer software todetermine patterns of data in order to understand consumer behaviorfor instance in the case of companies [ CITATION Ora16 l 1033 ].By looking at the patterns companies can come up with strategies togenerate more salesfor instance.

Thechief of Police in a major city could use data mining to examine thepatterns of crime in the city in order to determine where and whenthe criminals are likely to strike again and this would help reducecrime in the city.


Inorder to determine if fast paced music increases the speed of thecustomers’ shopping rate, a study should utilize the services oftwo groups, the experimental group and a control group. In theexperimental group fast paced music should be played and the averageshopping time for each customer recorded. In the control group, nomusic should be played at all but the average shopping time percustomer should be noted [ CITATION Ame11 l 1033 ].

Thetwo groups should be compared and if there is a significantdifference in time between the two groups then the use of fast pacedmusic should have an effect on the customers shopping speed.


Inresearch, correlation does not imply causation [CITATION BPP155 p 288 l 1033 ].In other words, when conducting a study, the research should be awarethat the variable utilized in the study may not necessarily causethe correlation and that other variables might be the cause. In thecase of variable A causing variable B, it might be difficult to provevariable A causes B since other variables may not have beenconsidered.


Ina study of applicants requirements for work study jobs among studentsin a campus with 2,000 students, the use of self-administeredquestionnaires would be more appropriate. A sample of 150 students isrequired and conducting personal interviews on all the 150 studentsmight be both costly and time consuming.

Theuse of questionnaires ensures that all the necessary questions areput down. Unlike in an interview, the research might forget to askvital questions and the questionnaires will only take a few minutesto fill out.


Qualitativeresearch involves understanding and uncovering opinions. In otherwords, it asks the question why consumers behave or act in a givenway. Quantitative research on the other hand, deals with measurementor numbers and tends to answer the question how many [CITATION BPP142 p 184 l 1033 ].

Qualitativeresearch may involve understanding consumers’ attitude towards ourproducts for instance by assessing the number of complaints filed byour customers. Quantitative research might look into the number ofproducts sold by the company.


Anexploratory research study is different from a formal research studybecause an exploratory research involves making new discoveries.Therefore, an exploratory research does not have to prove anythingother than to collect and make a report.

Forexample, an exploratory research may involve establishing proof ofdinosaur’s fossils at a given place. The same research study undera formal research should have a hypothesis. In this case, thehypothesis could be, to determine the existence of dinosaurs withproof of dinosaur fossils.


Causalrelationships can be used in both experimental and ex post factoresearch designs. The two research designs are similar in that theyboth try to explain a dependent variable by the use of an independentvariable. The relationships can be tested by use of t-tests, varianceanalysis or chi-square [ CITATION Mic14 l 1033 ].

Forinstance, in order to determine the rate of motor vehicle accidentson a highway, a research could collect data on the number of newdrivers on the highways who received their drivers’ license overthe past 3 months.


Ahypothesis is an assumption made prior to the beginning of the study,and is a statement that needs to be proved at the end of the researchstudy.

Inthe case of a research study on a call center, the hypothesis couldbe that the customers are satisfied with the services provided at thecall center. The null hypothesis was chosen because the researcherassumes that the clients are happy with the call center services andthe researcher would like to find out exactly what the clientsappreciate about the call center. If the research proves otherwise,the alternative hypothesis shall be concluded.


Inorder to determine the quality of a report conducted on customersatisfaction, I would look at the number of participants who filledout the surveys compared to the number of surveys handed out. I wouldalso enquire about the sample size. They need to have received theservices of the study subject.


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