Rape Assessment



Raperemains a serious crime with devastating consequences on the victims.Rape can be described as forcibly having sexual intercourse with aperson without a valid consent with the said person. To understandwhat motivates sexual offenders to rape their victims, researchershave profiled rapists in various categories namely the powerassurance rapist, power assertive rapist, retaliatory anger rapist,and opportunistic rapist. The power reassurance is motivated by thedesire to reassure his masculinity. Retaliatory anger rapist is onewho is excited by the infliction of emotional or physical pain on hisvictim. The opportunistic rapist is one who engages in rape as anafterthought, usually while committing another crime. Power assertiverapist is one who seeking to exert his dominance over his victims.Profiling a rapist is an important step in understanding theirmotivation. Based on the characteristics of the white man discussedin the case study, he fits the descriptions of a power assertiverapist. In this paper, I will explain the reasoning behind myassertion.

Analysisof different victims` accounts reveals that rape is not about sexualpleasure, but about anger, violence, and desire to control. Asaforementioned, a power assertive rapist exerts his dominance overwomen. In essence, he exhibits an extreme sense of entitlement andsuperiority. For him, an act of rape is a perfect way of validatinghis fledgling dominance. Usually, assertive power rapists have ahistory of domestic problems or criminal past. They are alsophysically strong and would not hesitate to use fists as theirweapons. Another characteristic of power assertive rapists are thatthey tend to use force especially if their victims resist.Accordingly, they do not mind about the well being or comfort oftheir victim and will repeatedly assault their victims. Again, theytend to subject their victims to both physical and verbal violence.Power assertive rapists are very arrogant and do little to concealtheir identity. They usually target women who belong to their agegroup and race. Essentially, their motive is to subdue, control anddominate women, who they regard as the weaker sex.

Basedon the case study under discussion, the man perfectly fits thedescription discussed above. To begin with, he confesses to havingserved his time in jail after having been convicted of petty crime.Hence, this shows that the man has a criminal history which one ofthe characteristics of a power assertive rapist. Notably, the rapistshares race, with his white victim. The man is also inherentlyviolent since he rips his victim`s shirt off and orders her to shutup when she attempt to scream. During the rape ordeal, the manseverally threatens his victim, and this amounts to emotionalviolence. Apparently, the man did not attempt to hide his identity.It is also important to note that he dumps the woman at a desertedplace after the committing the gruesome act.

Thefindings of the case study are consistent with characteristics of apower assertive rapist. From the case, the man (rapist) can bedescribed as violent, physically fit and lack empathy. That he cansubdue the white woman with ease suggest that he is muscular andstrong. Again, the act of threatening his victim while raping herdemonstrates a lack of empathy and compassion. From his actions, itis clear that his motive w as basically to exert dominance over awoman.