Reading Benefits


Whatcan be gained from reading? How have books affected me in thepast?Whythis book? What drew me to it initially? Was I disappointed ornot?AsI read, I feel ___

Thereare a lot of significant benefits gained from reading the variousmaterial. Most importantly, I would like to raise the fact thatreading is a universal culture, one that happens across a great agedivide. Reading various material helps the readers boost theirvocabulary. Reading books and novels is the most primary source ofvocabularies for people wanting to learn as much vocabulary as theypossibly can. Children should read a lot of books as their vocabularysize and efficacy is directly related to the books they read.Personally, I find it easy to pick new vocabulary from the books Iread, especially novels. Reading improves on empathy towards others.Additionally, reading various material will help the reader getencouragement to achieve their life goals. Reading brightens a day ofa reader, more specifically if a happy ending from a book starts yourmorning. The reading of various books improves the memory capabilityof the user. Reading reduces stress, enhances the knowledge of thereader in varied knowledge fields.

Bookshave had an enormous impact on my life previously. There was a time Iwas deep in reading any novel I came across that the reading took upalmost all of my day. I had to postpone activities to complete anextra chapter. However, learning to control my craving for novelshelped me become a better time planner. Books have been of great helpto learn and tolerate people from other cultures in the dailyinteractions with the varied cultures.

TheGoldfinch by Donna Tartt

Theattraction to the book was from the typical talk of the town.Apparently, all my fellow readers had acquired a copy of theGoldfinch and read it all. The response to the book was that of mixedreactions. Some of my friends praised the book for offering a masteryof language and an articulate story narration. Others praised thenovel as one of those rarity pieces of art that avail themselves oncein a decade to grasp the mind of the readers to captivity. Not allsupported and praised the book. Some of my fellow readers thought theliterature used in Goldfinch was children’s literature. Theirprimary concern was the research present had infantilizing, comparingreading the book as seeing an adult reading Harry Porter. Hence, myurge to read the book was from the opinions of the two conflictingsides, to help me make my conclusions and prevent me from followingthe opinion provided by a single team.

Thebook was not a disappointment. As I read through the book, Icollected overwhelmingly positive feedback. The mastery of languagewas beautiful, with an adamant reflection of the solace and sadnessdepicted through the life of the main character. I found thecharacter flow and arrangement to be well-collected and intriguing atthe same time. Reading the book takes me away from the conventionalworld and brings me to the world created by the book. In there, I canfeel the characters as if I knew them in person. More so, I followthe story of the characters with a great passion almost wanting tohave an association with them, all from the mastery of writing fromthe author of the novel. Out of five stars, I read the book, and Iwould rate the story with five stars.