Reading Response


TheLake Isle of Innisfree” isa three-stanza poem by W.B. Yeats. The poem illustrates the writer’ssearch for freedom and peace. The emotion of the poem represents thatof someone who has been trapped in a situation or place that is notpeaceful. The writer has written the poem in three stanzas consistingof two-part sentences. He has incorporated rhythm in the second andfinal parts of the phrases thereby offering the reader moreentertainment. The use of rhythm does not only convey the message, itis also appealing to the reader. The second poem, also written byW.B. Yeats, is titled TheSecond Coming.It sounds like a religious piece that describes the second coming ofChrist, also referred to as the rapture. The piece has two relativelylong stanzas that unlike the first poem, do not display any form ofrhythm by repetition of the final syllable in the sentences.

AfterApple-Picking” isa piece by Robert Frost written in the form of a narrative. Thenarrator seems to be describing a dream,s which he has done in onelong stanza consisting of short sentences. There is no consistentdisplay of rhythm, with the narrator bringing out sentences in amanner that is more of story telling.“Birches” isRobertFrost’s second poem in the list. The piece has been written in thesame manner as the former piece, which is one long stanza assumingthe form of a narrative. The content of the poem is descriptive ofthe birch as part of the larger forest. It is used to symbolize lifeand its many hurdles, ups and downs.

TheRed Wheelbarrowis an early 20thCentury poem by William Carlos Williams. It is a very short piece,not more than a single sentence of sixteen words. It is depictive ofthe simplicity of words and the fact that one does not require manywords to pass a message. The poem is an intense lyrical sentence thatseems to tell the reader of a personal experience that the writer hashad with the red wheelbarrow. William Carlos Williams is the authorof the final poem titled “Thisis just to say”.Like the previous poem, it is relatively short though containing avery intense message. The title is symbolic as it prompts the readerto think about what the narrator wishes to say, leaving them yearningfor more information. All in all, it passes the message loud andclear and the reader does not need to think much about the intendedmeaning. It is a straightforward message.