Reflecting on the importance of active reading and analysis by revising


Reflectingon the importance of active reading and analysis by revising

Activereading is defined as the act of reading something with a focus tounderstand the content and evaluate it because of its relevance toone’s needs. Unlike other reviews, in this case, one has to re-readthe material and have an in-depth understanding. In the article,“some lessons from the assembly line,” it is evident that activereading and plays important roles in helping readers comprehend theauthor’s message.

Activereading helps one identify the purpose of the article. As is evidentin the article, there are a lot of information that the author istrying to pass to the reader. However, through active reading, onecan identify the primary objectives and thus save time. It ispossible for to know that the author, Andrew Braaksma is trying tocompare his employment life in the car manufacturing industry withopportunities after college (Braaksma, 2016). In this case, activereading and analysis act as a catalyst for one to think critically.Active reading techniques necessitate that one formulate questionsabout the article, and this leads to purpose analysis and makingseveral assumptions

Itis evident from the reading that Andrew Braaksma feels lucky andprivileged to get an education. Another importance of active readingand analysis is that it allows one to memorize the details easilyfrom the article. This is facilitated by the fact that, activereading encourages one to relate the message to his or her daily lifeexperiences. Even in an event where one fails to complete thearticle, if one effectively uses these techniques, it is possible tomake predictions about what will happen next in the essay. Lastly, inAndrew’s article, active reading and analysis skills encourage theuse of rhetorical techniques such as logos and pathos which helpfacilitate quick understanding.


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