Reflection and Analysis of the CBS Scorpion Series

Reflectionand Analysis of the CBS Scorpion Series


TheSeries Scorpion in the CBD is an action drama series motivated by thetarget to address current and emerging global cyber security threatsand generally help humanity by increasing technological efficiency toaddress human problems (Woodrow&amp Danny, 2014).It is written by David Foster (II), developed by Nick Santoracomposers are Brian Tyler and Tony Morales and the producers areDanielle Woodrow, Danny Rose Walter O`Brien, and others (Karlin,2014).It was first aired on September 29, 2014. The series is in line withthe today`s need to address human challenges by coming up withtechnologically efficient solutions. These solutions have a highinclination towards computer use.

II.Write sentence about your analysis of the Rhetorical Context (See p.232)

Thecontext of the Scorpion revolves around computer technology and inparticular averting cyber security threats globally. It is purposedto encourage young people to use their talents to solve humanproblems. The audience is composed of young people in colleges andthose already in their careers. It is meant to entertain them whileencouraging them to address human problems with their talents.

III.Write sentence about your analysis of the Original Historical andCultural Context (See p. 232 and p. 247-248)

Theseries is acted at a time when cyber security threats are on the riseand governments and businesses are looking for ways to thwart thethreats. In the series, people are technological wizards, and that iswhy the society has hackers posing security threat to governments.Governments of nations are shown to be malicious and would forcetheir political agendas on other countries like the situation inSeason one where the government of the United States of America bombsIraq killing innocent civilians. The political status depicted is onethat was almost failing to provide cyber security hence the need tocontract the work to the Scorpion team, which is a privateinstitution. Further, the context of Scorpion indicates a societythat is socially corrupt to the extent of learned hackers using theirexpertise to terrorize governments, businesses, and individuals.Culturally, human life is not valued since the U.S. government isshown to use software intended to help humanity to bomb Iraq.

IV.Write sentence about your analysis of the Persuasive Effects (See p.233-248)

Thereis a clear indication of the message that young people are persuadedto use their talents to address human problems. Young characters ofthe age of the targeted audience have been used. At the age ofsixteen, O’Brien can develop software that can be used to addresshuman problems. Further, O’Brien can make his own decision ofsplitting with agent, Gallo after the government misused hissoftware. Young Characters are also included in the workplaces.O’Brien and his team are highly trained and work for the UnitedState Homeland Security at their young age. The achievements madethroughout the seasons are also intended to pursue the audience andpass the message.

V.Write sentence about your reflection of how this pop culture artifactshapes your identity or experience artifact and how your reactions tothis pop culture are shaped by your personality or experience (See p.232)

Ihave not had an experience in which I have to work with seniorcitizens on any project. However, the series “Scorpion” gives meencouragement that I am in a position to work with an old fellow onserious projects so much time as I have the skills they require.O’Brien had computer prowess and at the age of thirteen, he had tobe trained to work with agent Gallo. O’Brien also dictates to thesenior characters by having them sign an immunity agreement when heis got to have hacked into NASA. This shows that it does not meanworking with senior people I should be dictated without having myown decisions. At the age of sixteen, O’Brien is also able to splitwith agent Gallo and move on well.

TheSeries “Scorpion” has a vivid theme message that urges theaudience to focus on addressing global human problems using theirtalents. The series revolves around addressing cyber securitythreats, which resonate well with the current real-worldtechnological challenges, and the persons addressing them are youngpeople.


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