Reflection of Career as a Psychology Practitioner


Reflectionof Career as a Psychology Practitioner


Reflectionof Career As A Psychology Practitioner

Sincemy childhood I have always felt the need to help people in need sothat they can become better as such, it did not come as a shock to myfriends and family when I decided to pursue a career in psychology. Ihave been working with a behavioral therapist for several years andduring that time, I have seen significant growth in the children. Ourinability to control behavior limits us as human beings (Baldwin,2003). Within psychology, my area of interest is behavior analysis.My vision is to see a society where children with autism are able tofully integrate into society easily. My vision is grounded in mypassion, strengths, as well as interest in psychology. I onceencountered an individual with autism. Meeting this person offered mefirst-hand encounter to see how he struggled to interact with otherpeople. I was then motivated to do something and from that time,autism become my area of interest. After conducting further researchon autism, I discovered that very many people have the disorder,especially in the United States. As a behavior analyst, I can use myskills to ensure that I bring my vision to life. This paper willexplore my vision to be as a behavior analyst and the goals that Iintend to achieve within the next five years.


Whenit comes to future career vision, as a practitioner-scholar, I havebeen able to create goals that concentrate on the task of advancingmy knowledge in the field of psychology, becoming a professional inthe field and at the same time improving the lives of people whosuffer from autism. I would like to practice psychology in a publicschool setting as a behavior analyst. I believe there is a lack oftraining in how to deal with challenging students, specifically theones with autism disorder, which is very fulfilling since I will beable to offer my assistance to children who really need it. Inaddition, school setting will help me educate and train people thatare involved in the kids’ daily routine and have an impact on theirlives hence making my vision is easier to achieve (Sternberg, 2007).Through research and scholarship in the field, I would like to learnmore about school and applied behavior analysis.


Goalsare essentially action plans set forth through a vision. The visionof my goals is set within a five-year strategy. My first goal is toobtain a Masters Degree in psychology so that it can help me become aboard certified behavior analyst and at the same time enhance myskills which will take approximately two years (Baldwin, 2003).Secondly, I plan to work in a public school as a behavior analyst sothat I can be able to help children with autism as early as possible.I will work for two years so that I gain the much-needed experienceof dealing with children. Finally, I intend to start my own privateschool that specifically for children who suffer from autism withinthe last final year.


Forme to be successful in my career path, there are criticalcompetencies that I have to show and acquire. These competenciesinclude foundational, functional, problem-solving skills and conflictresolution skills among others. First, I will have to have theability to carry out self-assessment. In doing so, I will ensure thatI practice within the limits of the competencies. I will have to showthe ability to commit myself to lifelong learning. I will have toengage with scholarship properly, think critically, and demonstratecommitment in regards to the development of my profession. Ideally,no career can develop without commitment. Therefore, I have to showproof that I am capable of having a reflective practice,self-assessment and self-care as well as professionalism in themanner in which I discharge my mandate.

Also,as part of the foundational skill for my career, I have to show thecapability of demonstrating respect for scientifically derivedknowledge. A critical skill in my career will be to show proof ofcomprehending research and research methodology. Further, I will showthat I fully comprehend the biological bases of behavior, lifespanhuman development. Another critical skill will be understanding ofcognitive-affective bases of behavior. Therefore, while carrying outmy duties, I will show scientific mindedness and knowledge in myarea.

Theother significant skill is a relationship, as I will be needed todemonstrate the ability to relate effectively and meaningfully withdifferent individuals, groups, or communities that I will be dealingwith in my area of practice. Critical aspects of the relationshipsinclude interpersonal relationships and intra-disciplinaryrelationships.

Giventhat I will be meeting individuals from different backgrounds, I willbe required to show proof of cultural diversity or individualdiversity. As I deal with an inquiry into the behavior ofindividuals, it will be critical that I am aware and sensitive inregards to working professionally with diverse persons or groups thatrepresent different cultural and personal backgrounds. Understandingthe different backgrounds and characteristics of persons will be verysignificant in my career as it will help inform and shape up mybackground.

Ethicaland legal standards define every career path and so is my case. Iwill be required to have a grasp of the ethical concepts and be awareof the legal issues in regards to the professional activities ofindividuals, groups, and organizations. While making decisions in theorganization, I will show proof of application of ethical standards.To discharge my duties with due diligence, I will have to exhibitacknowledgment of interdisciplinary systems. Therefore, I will haveto show that I can competently and professionally cooperate withcolleagues and peers in the different and related disciplines. Whiledoing so, I will demonstrate the ability to understand the shared anddistinctive contributions to the other professions. I am required toshow knowledge of key issues and concepts that are related to thework of the other professionals. In addition, I have to be respectfuland be productive in my relationship with the other individuals fromdifferent professional backgrounds.

Todischarge my duties properly, functional competencies will be ofgreat significance. One such competency is a psychologicalevaluation. In this case, I will be able to assess, diagnose, andconceptualize the problems and issues of different persons andorganizations that I deal with. Further, I will also be expected tohave diagnostic and conceptualization skills for me to deliver on mymandate. Formal assessment skills are a prerequisite in my duties, asI will be examining the behaviors of individuals (Leahy, 2003). Theskills include the ability to interview, carry out tests andmeasurements, integrate and even proper write reports and communicateeffectively. There are several instances in my career that willrequire that I have some of the common skills and the skills thatwill be of great essence to me is the problem-solving skills,conflict resolution skills, and evidence-based skills (Leahy, 2003).One of the main responsibilities that I will be involved will entailobservation of people’s behaviors. Therefore, I have to be keen andpay attention to the behaviors of individuals.


Tobe one of the best ABA therapists, I will have to get a formaleducation in psychology, behavior analysis. There are diverse areasof study but for my case, I will concentrate on a degree in Humandevelopment and behavior. Having the degree in my area ofspecialization will help in understanding and familiarizing with thedifferent aspects and principles of the studies. To sharpen myskills, I will complete a practicum. I will also need to attain agraduate degree for me to specialize in my area of behavioraltherapy. While undertaking my Master’s program, I will dointernships, which will be instrumental in adding to my workexperience.

Thereare also some voluntary certifications that will be a guide in myfield. Some of the certifications include the Registered BehaviorTechnician (RBT) which is given to any applicant with a high schooldiploma and 40 hours of training. From the board also, I will need tohave Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) after I am throughwith my bachelor’s degree and have a supervised practicalexperience (Health School Guide (n.d).

Dependingon the state that I will practice, I will be required to get alicensure. The licensure will require that I complete astate-mandated exam. After this, I will be free to practice and stickto the mandates and regulations set by the state. In this career,there is an opportunity for career growth and advancement. Afterattaining a Master’s degree, I can additionally be allowed to offertherapeutic services in occupational settings and organizations.Another optional certification is offered by the National Associationof Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists. This certification will requirethat I have at least ten years of experience.


Currently,in life, I have gained a lot of experience having worked withdifferent groups of individuals as a volunteer. While volunteering, Ihave been able to develop a soft spot for persons in needs.Additionally, I am a cool person, and this will be an advantage to meas it will propel me and allow me to work with persons who react tosituations in different ways. I am friendly, and this will help memost in learning about the personalities of individuals. Through keenobservation, I believe I will be in a position to develop specifictreatment plans that will help individuals to lead healthy andemotional stable lives. The only gap that I have is my educationlevel at the moment. I need to advance in education and add moredegrees that will ensure that I get well equipped.


Toachieve my goal of becoming a behavioral analyst in school, I willwork to get requisite skills and knowledge through advancement ineducation. Upon completion of my Bachelor’s, I will enroll forMaster’s Program in which I will specialize in behavioraldevelopment. While pursuing my Master`s program, I can also get fieldexperience through practicum and other related voluntary activities.I plan to work in a public institution for three years upon which Iwill have got the required experience. While working in the publicschools, I will specifically focus on the children who suffer fromautism. After the three years, I will move to private practice. Whileundertaking private practice, I expect to do my work diligently andget the requisite skills within the next seven years. Seven yearswill be enough to work and get diverse experience in the field thatis to propel my career. I will be keen to mold my management skillsas well. This means that cumulatively, I will have gained ten years’experience in my field after which I will start private school thatspecifically for children who suffer from autism.


Allin all, visions and goals is a framework of current as well as futureachievement. My vision will ensure that I become apractitioner-scholar within clinical psychology. My goals are notonly relevant but also attainable. I am very confident and committedto ensuring that my vision is realized since my interest and passionis fully engaged in the implantation of the goals that I have set.Furthermore, if the vision is realized, I will feel a sense ofaccomplishment since I will have changed people’s lives apart frommy own.


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