Reflection on listening skills, communication skills, self-awareness and social media

Reflectionon listening skills, communication skills, self-awareness and socialmedia



Humaninteractions are usually dependent on how well each party listen toone another. For example, in a hospital setting, good listeningskills are essential in knowing what a patient is trying to say andvice versa. Obtaining information from the patient is essential intreatment since it can save time and money. Effective communicationis also essential in knowing the indirect cause of the problems andhelp in advising the patient. For effective listening, there arepoints to consider. In order to have effective listening skills, someof the steps that one rules that one should observe includemaintaining eye contact with the recipient to show them that you arelistening. Additionally, one needs to be attentive and relaxed toallow the recipient to be comfortable and relay the message that theyare trying to say. This step is critical when it comes to buildingtrust and will create a good atmosphere for each party to convey allthe information. Additionally, it is important to maintain neutralityin the situation or keep an open mind. This ensures that therecipient does not form any opinion or attitude that may jeopardizethe conversation and prevent possible interruptions. Consequently, itis important to create a mental picture by putting oneself in theother person’s shoes. This allows the messenger to understand whatthe recipient is trying to say. Wait till the other party hasfinished speaking to avoid disruptions. This allows the patient tosay everything they wanted without any interruption. It also preventsthe patient omitting anything. In case something is unclear, it isimportant that the one listening ask questions to avoidmisunderstandings. This allows both parties to effectively get allthe information needed. Questions also help filter all the essentialinformation needed.

Duringa conversation, ensure that you display regular feedback to the otherparty to indicate that you are attentive. One can employ bodymovements such as facial expressions and nodding or saying yes whilemaintaining eye contact. Most importantly, watch for nonverbal cuesthat the other party may be displaying. These nonverbal cues mayindicate the recipient’s feeling and attitude towards the subject,their state of mind or whether they are lying. These nonverbal cuesinclude postures, skin color, lips and eye movements. These areessential in knowing what the patient might not be saying.Consequently, Listening skills are essential in getting maximuminformation from the recipient. Information from the patient that isrelevant should also be written down for future reference. Effectivecommunication is essential in patient health, culture sensitivity,and effective treatment. Good listening skills save a lot ofessential time, assist in solving issues and reduces the chances oferrors. Poor listening, on the other hand, leads to misunderstanding,time wasted. Therefore, active listening and proper documentation ofthe information is essential for effective treatment.


Communicationsystems in an organization are essential for effective working in theworkplace. A proper communication system involves the people, themessage to be conveyed, and the means of conveying and thedefinitions of the communication structure. Elements of communicationare the communication channel, the type of message, agents,communication guidelines, interaction mode, communication device,communication services and security protocols. Types of communicationin a hospital are Inter-hospital communication. This is communicationbetween the specialists and the recipient. Secondly, another type isknown as Intra-hospital communication. It involves communicationbetween the hospitals and the outside world that is the generalpublic. Lastly, and most importantly is Doctors patientcommunication. Doctor-patient communication involves active listeningand communicating. Communication skills are affected by Culture thatcreates a pattern of human behavior. These cultures includes customs,beliefs, values, behaviors, and ways of communications. Communicationcan also be affected by age, gender, ethnic and social groupdifferences. Another factor is ethnicity. This is how the members ofa particular group perceive themselves that intern affects how theycommunicate. Therefore cultural competence is essential in goodcommunication.

Effectivecommunication is affected by skill level of both the recipient andthe one conveying the message. These skills entail speech, language,vision or hearing. For those with hearing problems, hearing aidsshould be availed. Different languages and culture will make itdifficult to understand what the either party is saying. The staffaround the hospital may also affect communication as the patient maybe affected by the white coats and activity. Effective communicationalso involves active listening. Active listening involves being keenon the information conveyed by patients, eye contact, use ofwell-structured questions to clarify information and studying ofnonverbal cues. Effective communication is essential in the day today running of the hospital even among the staff and management.&nbsp


Self-awarenessentails having a clear perception of own personality. It entailsunderstanding the various strengths, weaknesses, motivations,emotions and beliefs. It is essential in life because it enables oneto understand other people, their attitude, and perception at themoment. With globalization, it is very important for people topossess this trait because they will have a better understanding ofthemselves. From an individual’s perspective, I believe people needto develop self-awareness because it can allow one to make a sounddecision depending on the current situation. In our dailyexperiences, self-awareness is critical because it enables us tofocus on reactions, personality, and behaviors that determine thecourse of our life. Self-awareness is important because it is relatedto emotional success and intelligence. This means that it can helpone identify situations that are likely to trigger reactions easier.Additionally, if exercised effectively, it can guide someone down theright path by choosing opportunities that fit your preferences andskills.

Thereare various methods of developing self-awareness. The most obviousone from experience is focusing your attention on specific behaviorand personality. For instance, if one is reading a book, one shouldlook for some of the conceptual ideologies that the author is tryingto convey to his or her audience. To have an intellectualunderstanding of the ideas that relate to self-awareness from thereading, one can make a comparison to his or her behavior,personality, and emotion and make meaningful conclusions. I believethat self-awareness is not learned in a book, in buildingself-awareness, people should use what they have learned throughpersonal reflection to inform their behaviors, decision and how theyinteract with other people. Some can answer these simple questions,what are strengths and weaknesses? How do you respond to stress? Andwhat do you value the most? Additionally, in building self-awareness,one can focus on the choices that he or she makes and ask forfeedback from friends. Individuals who are aware of themselvesacknowledge his or her mistake and work to correct them.Consequently, it will be very important if one can have a recordjournal so that he or she knows if they are making any improvements.


SocialMedias refers to website based applications that enable people toconnect and share content or participate in discussion provided thereis internet connectivity. Over the recent past, social media hasreally revolutionized human interactions because it is now possibleto chat with a friend in Saudi Arabia, a brother in Europe and workmate in Africa. There are various social media platforms, such asFacebook, Twitter, and Myspace among others. Each of these sitesallows members to register using their personal details before theiraccounts are officially activated. Although it as easedcommunication, it is evident that using social media has its ownadvantages and disadvantages in workplaces irrespective of one’sprofession. It is for these reasons why I believe that there is theneed to regulate social media usage so that it does not cause moreharm and destruction of the society.

Someof the advantages of using social Medias include that it has easedcommunication. Additionally, since it does not recognize physicalboundaries, social platforms such as Facebook has allowed people toshare ideas and thus promoting creativity and innovations. SocialMedia provides a good avenue for investors and marketers to advertisetheir products because of the wide coverage. Millions of people arenow subscribed to various Medias platform and with this kind ofaudience, marketers can target the specific age group, and thusincreasing their sales. In the health sector, social media has alsoplayed a very significant role. It has eased communication betweenmedical officers and patients. Almost every hospital in the countrynow owns a social media page where they can post information andrespond to their customer`s concerns. Additionally, since the membersare free to make comments, it allows the health care fraternity toreceive feedback regarding their services and make the necessaryadjustments to serve their clients better.

Onthe other hand, one of the major disadvantages of social Medias islimited privacy. These sites are usually easy to hack and one thishappen, confidential information can be retrieved without the owner’sconsent. Additionally, terrorists have in the recent past used socialmedia to spread terror and recruit innocent youths. Global terroractivities have escalated as more people register into the sites.Social Medias have also led to cultural degradation in somecountries. Since it encourages globalization and sharing of ideas,some cultures have been degraded or become extinct as people changeand adapt to other practices that they consider more amusing. Another major disadvantage of social media is that it has provided anavenue for people to spread hateful messages and ideologies. A goodexample of this is demonstrated by the current election campaigns.Anti-democrats have used social media to voice their anger withoutnecessarily considering the feelings and emotions of the other party.The resultant impact of this is that it has created animosity andbreached trust between two sides. It is, therefore, evident that careshould be taken when using these avenues to ensure that they onlyserve their rightful purposes.