Remember the Titans

Rememberthe Titans

Managementis the foundation of any organization, and no group can survivewithout it. Its principal objective is to achieve maximum successusing least effort. It is an essential component in all cases thatcalls for an association to be aligned in the direction ofaccomplishing the set goals. In the present era, this is termed as ismanagement conscious, the concept can barely be over stressed. Researchers have asserted that anything without real leadershipamounts to nothing (Johns, 2011). In fact, there is nothingimportant in the field of human activity than supervising since it istasked to get things going through other people’s efforts.Leadership establishes teamwork and spirit in a team through logicalorganizational structures. It makes the crew productive andmotivated. The movie, Rememberthe Titans,depicts some of the major concepts within the field of supervision.Using the film as the reference point, I will focus on some of theaspects of the functions of leadership, challenges that individualsgo through when they take managerial positions, and the main stepsinvolved in the decision-making process.

Functionsof Management

Aneffective leader and manager take into consideration creativity inproblem solving, motivation of employees’ aspects, and makes surethe entity is on the line of achieving its goals (Johns, 2011).Literary, there are five functions of managing, but I will focus ononly four in this context. Planning, organizing, leading, andcontrolling are the core roles of leadership that distinguishgoverning from other functions.

Planningconcept of overseeing takes care of all the strategies that ensurethat the crew runs evenly. It involves the definition of theobjectives and subsequent determination of the most efficientsequence of actions that need to be taken to realize the definedpurpose. Coach Boone is aware of this role. He is set to recordpositive outcomes. He does this by demanding full efforts from hisplayers he wakes all them at three in the morning for them to make arun. Planning also involves levels of flexibility since the leadermust bring together all the parties within the firm.

Organizingis also another important role. It controls the general arrangementof the team. It is the basis of the set. Without it, the dailyactivities cannot run efficiently and successfully. It involvesgiving out of tasks and roles to individuals with the relevant skillsto carry out the functions (Johns, 2011). It also comprises thecreation of organizational structure and hierarchy of command. Booneachieves this by making Yoast his defensive coach and assistantcoach.

CoachBoone takes a leading role in the team. He supervises everybody andmakes sure that they are on the similar page of winning the title. Hecommunicates to every player, supervises them, and directs everyactivity.

Therole of taking control of the group cannot go unnoticed. He createsperformance standards and strictly monitors the input of every playerin the team.

Challengesfaced by Coach Boone

Thereare several problems that Coach Boone faced ones he got the positionas the head coach of the Titans. In fact from the beginning, he feelshe is not worth of the post. He thinks that Bill Yoast, who hadexemplary records in the field of coaching within the locality as thesuitable candidate for the position.

Ontaking the position, he has a great challenge of delivering theexpected results. The school management has hidden intentions offiring him and replaces him with Yoast in case he lost the firstgame. He is aware that if he does not win he is likely to lose hisjob. His black color posed a challenge to him though he uses it as astepping stone. He is challenged to prove to the administration andthe Alexandrian leaders that he is up to the task.


Decisionmaking is the process of engaging the mind over an issue. The conceptis not as easy as it may sound to be. Particular conclusions touch onthe welfare of the entire group. In such cases, the process should becautiously and systematically carried out (Latimer, 2015).

IfI was in Gerry’s position, I could have reached the same move hetooktokick him out of the team for its stability and cohesion. First, itis necessary to identify the problem. Definition of the issue givesthe foundation of the whole course (Latimer, 2015). Gerry recognizesthat Ray is not comfortable with Rev who is a black play in theirmidst. He goes ahead to injure him intentionally.

Withan apparent conflict, it’s necessary to come up several solutionsto the problem. Like kicking Rev out of the team, counseling, orsuspending him from the team for some time. These alternativesshould be evaluated to decide which one is logical and reasonable.The meaningful choice, which in this case is kicking Rev out of theteam, is made to serve as a lesson to other racial players who may bein the squad. The decision reached is final and its implementationshould follow which is actual sending him off from the team. Lastly,I can monitor if the solution served the purpose by assessing thereaction of my crew.


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