Report of the Select Committee to Inquire into the Mississippi Election of 1883 Names

Reportof the Select Committee to Inquire into the Mississippi Election of1883


Reportof the Select Committee to Inquire into the Mississippi Election of1883

TheReport of the Select Committee to Inquire into the MississippiElection of 1883 is contained in a voluminous document entitled“Mississippiin 1883”,and has a descriptive sub-title that explains the content of thedocument. Precisely, the document contains a 700 page detailed reportpresenting all necessary records relating with the committee chargedwith investigating events and other matters concerning the 1883Mississippi elections. Published in 1884 by the Government PrintingOffice at Washington, DC, the document is authored by the U.S. Senateand all cases described in it were conducted at Washington, DC.

Thedocument begins with a description of the selection and authorizationprocess of the committee, and its composition.1Consequently, it presents numerous sections that provide importantrecords regarding every case handled by the committee and theresolutions reached (Hoar,1884). The report is given in a description of the actual events,procedures, and resolutions without providing an analysis or any kindof synthesis of the information given. As such, the document is aprimary source that provides authentic and unaltered records.

Thecases in the report concern investigations into alleged crimes andelectoral malpractices that occurred during the 1883 elections,specifically in the State of Mississippi (&quotREPORTOF THE UNITED STATES ENTOMOLOGIST&quot, 1883). For example,investigations were conducted regarding the alleged killing of J.P.Mathews for participating in the elections by casting his votes afterbeing warned against doing so by political opponents(Hoar,1884, p. IV). However, the specific focus of the report was theretaliatory intentions by Mathews’ family and friends to causepublic unrest to avenge for the death of the victim. The committeeresolution to ensure retribution for Mathews’ family and friendsfor engaging in criminal activities in revenge of their friend seemedone sided, and contained no information regarding the restoration ofthe affected individuals.

Inconclusion, the document provides a detailed first-hand recording ofevents and meetings by the committee selected to investigate crimesand electoral malpractices done during the 1883 Mississippielections. The document is authentic and gives information that isneither analyzed nor synthesized. It is a valuable document forhistorical reference regarding political matters at Mississippi in1883.


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1 Page iii – Resolution Ordering the Inquiry