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Dothe EMLA cream the best alternative for pain and trauma management inyoung patients during and after intramuscular injection? EMLA creamsare safe and effective in reducing pain during intramuscular andvenipuncture injections.

Iagree with the author that more research should be conducted on theuse of EMLA in children during injections. Most of the studiespresented online are randomized, and they do not provide sufficientinformation. The existing case-controlled and cohort studies providepreliminary information, which is not sufficient in drawingconclusions. Venipuncture and intramuscular injections are common inpediatric procedure and children experience distress and pain duringthe process.

Pediatriciansshould consider using EMLA cream and gels to enhance the success ofthe procedures and improve the relationship between healthcareproviders and patients (Gwetu &ampChhagan, 2015).

Iagree with the author that there are numerous researches that addressthe topic from a single perspective however, they provide backgroundinformation for further studies.


Whyshould I get an influenza vaccine every year? Influenza is a seasonaldisease that can result in death. As a result, people are advised totake the annual vaccine, as it is the most efficient method ofpreventing infection

Althoughthe vaccination is the best preventive measure against the virusinfection, many people wonder why they should have the injection onannual basis. The influenza viruses are constantly evolving, hencethe need to develop annual vaccines. The researchers must estimatethe risk of the outcome when conducting a study between thevaccinated and the non-vaccinated study groups (ECDC, 2009).

However,there are debates on the ineffectiveness of the vaccine. The EuropeanCenter for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has come up with aprotocol on how to measure the effectiveness of the influenzavaccine.

Theexisting intervention for flu is the annual vaccination, and moststudies do not provide alternative treatments. Therefore, peopleshould take it, as it is the only preventive measure againstinfluenza.

Iagree with the author that it is very tedious when searching forinformation on influenza therefore, researchers should make use ofthe various databases to gain more knowledge on the topic.


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