Response to Bryan Stevenson`s Ted Talk

Responseto BryanStevenson’s Ted Talk

Responseto BryanStevenson’s Ted Talk

BryanStevenson is an American lawyer and a social justice activist. Mostof his time, he is in prison, jail, death row. During TEDtalks, hegives a speech on “WeNeed to Talk about Injustice” and points out several importantissues.

Inhis speech, Bryan Stevenson acknowledges that TED has an identity andfor this reason, it has an impact on the world. He thinks that havingan identity is very important. “AndI mention that because I think identity is really important”(TEDtalks, 0:48). Identity transforms ordinary to extraordinary andmakes one better. A compassionate teacher is more meaningful than anordinary teacher is, and a caring doctor does more to his or herpatients than an ordinary doctor does. Being compassionate and caringare traits of identity. There is power in identity as Bryan found outthrough his interaction with his grandmother. Her words that he isspecial gave Bryan an identity.

Thereis mass incarceration that has led to despair and hopelessness inpoor communities and communities of color. This has been brought bythe fact that “Oneout of three black men between the ages of 18 and 30 is in jail, inprison, on probation or parole”(TEDtalks, 5:39). Additionally, in urban communities, young men ofcolor who are in jail, prison, or parole are 50 to 60 percent.

Thejustice system has been distorted by poverty. Bryan notes that “Wehave a system of justice in this country that treats you much betterif you`re rich and guilty than if you`re poor and innocent”(TEDtalks, 6:34). Wealth shapes the outcomes of cases rather than thefacts therefore, the poor fail to get justice.


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