Question:response to video

Fromthe video, it is evident that technology has played a significantrole in today’s social, economic, political facets. Technology hasincreased efficiency by providing fast, reliable, and effective meansof doing operations. The advancement in technology led to thedesigning of adjustable pilot seats that were appropriate andcomfortable for everyone.

Question:What is your role as a principal in the school improvement process?How can you establish a successful school through your leadership?

Thefunctions of a school principal include leadership, performanceassessment of the students, and teachers’ evaluations among others.The principal must shape and endeavor to develop the vision ofacademic achievement for students. Effective principals ensure thelearning environment is conducive and hospital for learning purposes.The principal is entitled to manage people, data, and all processeswithin the institution.

Question:What factors must you consider when planning PD to improve yourorganization? Is that different from planning PD for individualteachers

Planningdevelopment for organizations is an important aspect of designingcompany’s goals and objectives. The business organization ought toput into consideration the target goals to be accomplished, variousbusiness functionalities, and the available staff[ CITATION Kni16 l 1033 ].Planning development for an organization is similar to the planning,development practice of individual teachers.

Question:What do you do as a leader when your staff isn`t &quotthere yet&quot?

Asa leader, I would inquire with the respective staff members todetermine the reason for their absence. Leaders are required to keeptabs of their workforce and provide necessary work support. Theabsence of employees is a great concern not only for the leader butthe organization[ CITATION Kil15 l 1033 ].

Question:What did this demonstration do for the young man in the long term?How does this relate to professional development?

Theyoung man was able to realize that experience and skills areessential. People with sufficient expertise tend to perform theirduties efficiently. The demonstration also taught the young man thatleaders ought to support and lend a helping hand to theirsubordinates. As a leader and a role model, it is important to guideother individual going through a tough time in their career growth[ CITATION Rum13 l 1033 ].


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