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Response 1

I would like tocommend you on the quality of your work on the role of social mediaand traditional media in shaping the relationships between businessesand the societies. I am particularly impressed by the introductionwhere you present a brief description of the topic of discussion. Theactual data provided also indicates the enormous effect of socialmedia in the business and society. The article also gives examples ofsocial media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram amongothers. The direct quotation from GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt alsoindicates that the work is well-researched.

However, someareas of the paper need improvements. First, the article shouldprovide a description of social media and how it operates.Additionally, traditional media should be defined and differenceswith social media identified. Finally, more details should beprovided on the “fair trade coffee” incident and how it affectedcompanies like Starbucks.

Response 2

The secondarticle discusses the relationship between societal values andreactions of companies. It begins by acknowledging the importance ofthe association between a business organization and the society inwhich it operates. Additionally, the paper provides actual data onthe donations that were made by a Seattle store to an AfricanAmerican school for inner city youth. Three sectors have beenidentified as the core areas in which business establishments cangive back to the community. They include donations, environmentalconservation, and energy conservation.

However, variousalterations can be made to the paper. Rather than refer to individualactions that business organizations provide to the society, theyshould be grouped under the corporate social responsibilities. Thedocument has grammar mistakes that should be corrected to ensureclarity.