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Harringtonbrings forth the concept of the evils that Christians face whilegoing through their various activities. He goes ahead to suggest anopinion that believers need to invest more time in reading the Bibleas from then, therefore finding the strength and capability to wardoff the various temptations that they experience. Additionally, hegoes further and avers that Christians can influence one anothercomfortably through having the knowledge of provisions made in theBible. Consequently, it is important for such people to regularlyshare what they have learned from reading the word God, by havingfrequent Bible study activities.

Evidently,these issues may be seen in the book of Job whereby he was goingthrough various trying moments, and he did his best to remainfaithful to God. One of the primary issues, which were prevailing, isthat he was able to understand the nature of God as well as Hisvalues. Due to his values and fear for the Almighty, Job was able torefrain from cursing God and then die, as his wife had advised him(The Book of Job Chapter 2). Seemingly, this portrays that having aclose relationship with God enables a person to take part in actionsthat are consistent within Christian values and those that are notoffensive towards Him. While it is not always that believers nowadayspeak with God directly however, they could hear about Him and hisnature through reading the Holy book

Theviews expressed by the author go a long way to show that there areactual strategies, which are entirely applicable in helping to dealwith the evil that exists in the world today. Likewise, it is alsoimperative to point out that the value lies more in understanding thescripture than just reading a huge quantity of Bible verses.Actually, this is because an individual will be in a good position toknow where it may be appropriate to use a given verse (Harrington63). As such, the more equipped a person is, the superior efficienthe will be in dealing with the various challenges that comes alongwith life. Similarly, the person might also find the courage towitness to other individuals as well as remain firm in the view thatthey have regarding their stand on evil. As a result, they can be ofgreat influence towards other citizens (Harrington 64). Such ameasure plays a huge role in ensuring that other Christians can pickreal virtues and shy away from evil practice.

Notably,Christians are also able to draw inspiration from the life of Job whostood firm, even in the face of the real problem and was unwaveringin his faith in God. The actual value lies in doing what isconsidered right in Christianity more than anything. It is,therefore, important for believers to ensure that they focus theirattention on reaching out to other people and spreading the gospel aswell as the message of real hope ((Harrington 67). Likewise,believers should also apply the outlook given by Harington that theyought to remain on course and avoid veering off what is expected ofthem. It is anticipated that these actions will enable Christians tobecome role models to other people and spark a need for them tofollow through the provisions made in the Bible and overcome the evilthat is around society.


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