Second Battle of Guam (21 July to 10 August 1944) Outline


SecondBattle of Guam (21 July to 10 August 1944)


  1. Operational Framework

  2. Operational Objectives

  3. The battle in context of Campaign

  4. Operational movement to the battlefield

  5. Conclusion

SecondBattle of Guam (21 July to 10 August 1944)

Japanesecaptured Guam Island from the US in 1941, exploited its resources andoppressed the residents. This necessitated the US forces to startthe Marianas Campaign that led to the Second Battle of Guam in 1944.

  1. Operational Framework

TheUS Army conducted its operations in three ways. First, the US forceswon the battle of Philippines Sea which was meant to reduce the powerof Japanese forces significantly (Finlayson,Gustin, &amp Gibbons, 2014).Second, the US forces established a strong defence to secure theisland permanently once they reclaimed if from Japanese. Finally, theforces established administration buildings and hospitals, restoredschools and dredged the Apra Harbour.

  1. Operational Objectives

Accordingto Guam,operations of the 77th Division, 21 July – 10 August 1944 (1990),the operations objectives during the Battle of Guam included thereduction of the Japanese army’s power to increases the US chancesto win the Guam battle, provision of the naval base for Americanfleet in the islands, and to develop the southern Marianas as itsoperational base.

  1. The battle in context of Campaign

TheJapanese practiced occupation in Guam was exploitative therebyprompting the US army to launch the Marianas campaign. Consequently,the US forces landed and attacked Japanese on Saipan in 1944 markingthe start of the second Guam Battle (Crowl, 1995). After acquiringSaipan, the US forces continued the battle to Tinian and Guam in July1944.

  1. Operational movement to the battlefield

TheUS forces made tactical attacks (Rottman&amp Gerrard, 2004).The Marines landed on the two sides of Orote Peninsulas that lies atthe western side of Guam and secured the Apra Harbour from Japanese.The 3rdUnit of Marine approached the island from the northern region ofOrote while the 1st Provincial Marine Brigade moved to the island viathe Agat, which lies the southern region of Guam. Finally, the US77thInfantry Division advanced to the interior of the island from theshorelines.

  1. Conclusion

Inbrief, although the US forces incurred heavy loses, they eventuallydefeated the Japanese armies and acquired Guam. Moreover, the USforces established its operational base in the island to strengthentheir power in protection of Guam and other islands.


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