Security Requirements for Trusty and Metro Carpets


SecurityRequirements for Trusty and Metro Carpets

SecurityRequirements for Trusty and Metro Carpets

Smallor large business can protect their transactions, systems and datausing Information Technology security system provided a business hasa power supply, computers or cell phones and internet and networksystems. In our case, Jerry has computers, tablets and web systemsfor proficiency in Carpets Supply. However, the IT systems should besecured from computers or mobile security risks such as malware,virus, and spyware. There are three types of computer or mobilesecurity that Jerry should consider

• Networksand Internet safety is the first type of computer security which willcover hacking and malware techniques. Jerry should divide Internetinto different trusted and unknown sites which cannot be hacked byother people. A good example is creating his own office website thatpeople can access to view some information about the Trusty and MetroCarpets. Secure zone such as Internet banking site can be used tosecure all the databases and computers (Norman, 2007). The usersshould be aware of hacking process and close all the ports after usebecause the hackers use port scanning or port knocking to transferdata. High rank of SSL encryption is the best browser that Jerryshould use to secure data.

• Standalonecomputer security should practiced by the computers users and tabletsby ensuring they lock them after use. The Windows OS should beinstalled on every computer or the tablet and passwords are set forevery user and the system locks every time the screen saver appears.BIOS password is the best for preventing unauthorized people fromaccessing the computers (Saeed &amp Pejas, 2005).

• DataLoss Security is the final IT security system that Jerry shouldembrace. All the computers should have a backup plan to secure dataloss caused by server or computer crash. The transaction data shouldeither be stored online or the users save data to external devices(Pearson, 2007).


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