Self Description



EssayTopic 1:Describeyourself

Iam a student who believes that difficult situations are opportunitiesto learn and gain strength. Last year, I planned to apply forPittsburgh University. I was almost finishing the application essays,when my councilor persuaded me to give up. This persuasiondiscouraged me from applying for a scholarship in the fall. Thisyear, I still want to challenge myself since I believe thatPittsburgh is the most suitable institution for me.

Iconsider myself to be a student who likes taking challenges as theycome and finding solutions, instead of giving up. I once learned thatmy school media center needed a video editor. It was a challengingwork, but I told the director that I was willing to give it a trialand eventually became the editor. At first I struggled, but I wasable to do the work successfully after failing several times.

EssayTopic 2:Why is studying in the U.S. and at Pitt a good choice for you?

InChina, the government often interferes with the media. Thisinterference denies journalists the opportunity to express theirideas and opinions. In contrast, the US enjoys freedom of speech andthe press, making it one of the best places to study journalism.

TheUniversity of Pittsburgh provides opportunities that will enhance mycommunication skills and help me become well-rounded. For aninstance, Oral Communication Lab offers four types of services thatare all important for a media worker. Moreover, there are many clubs(including the Communication Club) that I would like to join in orderto enhance my presentation and organizational skills.

EssayTopic 3: Haveyou had an experience where you had to adjust to a culture other thanyour own?

Ihave been embarrassed by the freckles on my face since childhood. Inthe Chinese view, a pretty girl should have a light skin. I wouldoften lower my head so that no one could see my face whenever I foundmyself in the crowd. One day, I was ready to leave the classroom atthe end of the calculus class when my American teacher, Mr. Smith,came up to me and asked me why I was always so shy. I admitted thatmy freckles had influenced my behavior. Surprisingly, he smiled andtold me that I was lucky to have freckles, since it is something thatmost Chinese people do not have. His words awakened me and I thoughtof a question I had not considered before: why do people fromdifferent cultures have dissimilar aesthetic standards?

Itis strange that the standard of beauty across cultures is soarbitrary. Some people who are not considered beautiful by societyhave wonderful qualities that are not found in others. Mr. Smithhelped me ignore the supposed flaws on my face and engage in classand other activities with confidence. The next day, Mr. Smith askedme a question in class and I held my head high and answered thequestion without hesitation.