Senior Picture Day

SeniorPicture Day



Characterswithin a story help in portraying a picture of the environment inwhich the activities took place through indicating the plot. Thedevelopment of these characters requires full presentation of theiroperations to the reader. On the other hand, minor characters withina story play a major role in that their contributions help inintriguing the story as well as the development of the maincharacters. Mostly, minor characters serve a significant purpose ofsupporting the main characters and adding value to the evolution ofthe plot. However, the development of a minor character requiresvaluable contribution where a family member advises or createstension for main characters (Piacenza et al. 2013). The purpose ofthese minor characters entails compelling the main characters inparticular ways where for instance, in Serros’ story, Terri’sparents portray an image of obsessive and eccentric personalitiesappealing to the reader. Terri’s mother seems obsessed withdecorating their house by making it look lavish. The activities shecarried out in the story enable the reader to remember her despitethe fact that she does not play a significant role (Piacenza et al.2013).

Additionally,the inclusion of Terri’s parents brings about guest characters whocreate a dramatic scene and later disappear without necessarilyaffecting the flow of the story. Most importantly, the inclusion ofTerri’s parents serves the purpose of depicting some diversity inthe lifestyle Serros understands. The narrator uses Terri’s parentsto portray the image of the environment and the life they lived backthen. They had moved from Washington to Oxnard, El Rio where peoplein that region lived in a different way from what Terri’s parentswere accustomed. Terri’s father illustrates a character whodiffered from most of the individuals in the society in that he owneda personal Citizens Band in his den (Piacenza et al. 2013). Most ofthe people in Serros’ neighborhood installed the Citizens Bands inthe vehicles which indicate a disparity in the social status.Therefore, the parents serve a significant purpose of depicting thedifferences in livelihoods among the people. They also play a crucialrole through valuable contribution to the main characters, Terri andSerros, regarding creating the plot of the story. They create animage where the reader may follow the story through illustration ofwhere events take place (Piacenza et al. 2013).

Consequently,Terri’s parents bring about an element of cultural diversity inthat they portray the activities, and people of different ethnicitiescarry out. For instance, when Serros visits their home, she seesdifferent things from those made by her parents. Besides, thedescription of the physical attributes between Terri and Serros,indicates cultural diversity especially, when Terri states thatSerros look less of a Californian due to her hair (Piacenza et al.2013). Consequently, Terri’s father depicts the image of a typicalfather who goes to work and leaves his wife at home to take care ofthe children. He plays the role of contributing towards the maincharacter’s role in drawing the attention of the reader to thesetting and plot of the venue. For instance, when he walks into thehouse and finds Terri and Serros using the Citizens Band, he yells atthem asking them to stop using it as a toy. Further, he portrays theactions conducted by the main characters through the illustration ofthe directions they take (Piacenza et al. 2013).


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