Setting Goals for your Future Career

SettingGoals for your Future Career


Settingcareer goals is one of the surest ways of achieving success in thefuture. Goals act as guidelines towards attaining success. Careergoals provide short-term plans which assist in achieving long-termgoals (Brown &amp Lent, 2013). It is important that individuals setgoals which are centered on their passion this will provide themwith motivation to reach their goals. I used the S.M.A.R.T approachto set my career goals. The S.M.A.R.T approach enables one to creategoals which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound. An individual should set goals that are specific to theircareer endures. This allows the individual to focus on achieving thespecific goals and hence it raises the probability of attaining then.The goals should be measurable to help track progress. The careergoals set should be attainable they should be realistic andachievable using the minimal resources. Career goals should also berelevant and time bound that is they should be in alignment with thecareer path that a person has selected. These goals should be timebound and attainable within a specific time frame. (Brown &amp Lent,2013). My career goals are as follows: to improve performancestandard in my field, to acquire new experiences, to network withsenior professionals in my field, to achieve holistic growth, to gainprofessional expertise, and to attain graduate studies in sociology.The above career goals will provide me with a road map to help mefocus and progress towards attaining them.

TheImpact of Technological Developments on my Career Goals

Technologyplays an important role in providing the much needed solutions toensure timely attainment of goals. Major technological developments,especially in transport and telecommunication have allowed me tonetwork easily with high profile professionals who belong to mycareer field. The internet is the most affordable form ofcommunication across the globe. I am able to engage in groupdiscussions with other students across the world. The various socialmedia platforms such as Facebook allows me to air my opinions inregard to contemporary sociological matters. This has helped me gainsubstantial knowledge in sociology, thereby fostering my careerdevelopment.

Technologicaldevelopments will provide me with skills and knowledge to adjust mycareer goals so that they meet current career requirements. Forinstance, one of my core career goals is to improve performancestandards or metrics in my field, therefore, technologicaldevelopments will allow me to attain this particular goal byequipping me with cutting-edge skills. Incorporating automatedperformance measurement solutions enhance an individual’sperformance (Brown &amp Lent, 2013). These modern technology basedsolutions are critical in attainment of career goals since they allowone to focus on key areas needed to foster career development such asresearch. As discussed above, technology plays a critical role inensuring timely attainment of goals. For instance, advancement insoftware will allow sociologists to improve their research skills.This will enable researchers to analyze various social phenomena andcome up with theories to expound on them. Incorporation of softwarein sociological research enhances the processes of data collection,analysis and interpretation. This allows researchers to analyze dataeasily and hence it allows them to conduct research within a shortertime frame. In the long-term, technological advancements will altersociological training. This means that, in the future, sociologicaltraining will impart more skills which will enable me to achieve mygoals with ease. Technological advancements will allow me to achievemy career goals by cutting-edge expertise in the field of sociology.

TheEducational Plan

Theeducational plan is effective in evaluating career goals and skillsneeded to attain them. Enrolling for sociology classes brought a lotof excitement since I was making positive steps towards attaining mycareer goals. Sociology encompasses a wide range of interestingphilosophies which explain the history of societies. This course hasimparted substantial knowledge about human interactions and behaviorsin the society. I visit the library after classes to devour sociologybooks. Over the years, I have gained invaluable research skills whichare essential in undertaking fieldwork. Interactions with otherscholars have helped me hone my social skills. In addition, groupdiscussions have provided me with invaluable presentation andcommunication skills. I have also engaged in voluntary works toacquire the work experience in sociology. My vision is to furthereducation in my areas of interests. I look forward to engage inpart-time internship programs. These programs will provide me withthe opportunity to network with senior professionals in the field ofsociology. This will boost my confidence, especially in fieldworksince I will be able to incorporate my knowledge in practical work.In the future, I will enroll for short courses in social sciencessuch as economics. This will help me become a holistic scholar.Additional understanding of other social sciences will enhance myresearch skills. One of my core career goals is to gain expertise insociology, therefore, I will carry out a number of researches onfundamental sociological theories.


Careergoals provide individuals with the road map that allows them to focuson their career interests. The S.M.A.R.T approach assists people toset goals that are attainable using minimal resources. Career goalsallow one to track progress and make the necessary adjustments inorder to attain them. Technological developments provide custom-builtsolutions that help individuals achieve their objectives in time andwith minimal effort. I believe I will accomplish my career goalssince I have an educational plan that provides specific variablesneeded to maintain focus.


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