Social Determinants of Health

SocialDeterminants of Health

SocialDeterminants of Health

Manyfactors determine the health of mothers, children and the elderly. Assuch, social determinants play a vital role in the well-being ofthese vulnerable populations. During pregnancy and childbirth factorssuch as age, preconception health status, access to healthcare andthe economic situation can either promote or lead to adverseoutcomes. Lack of access to sanitary facilities can result inmaternal complications hence increased mother and child mortality [ CITATION Wor12 l 1033 ].Pregnancy at a young age can also be detrimental. Lack of sufficientfinances means that affording quality care is a problem. Educationalso serves the purpose of enlightening the people on best practicesand warning signs during gestation.

Likewise,infants and young children are affected by family income, the healthstatus of the caregivers and age. Apparently, young children are morevulnerable to diseases than adults. Also, sufficient economicstability is required to cater for their needs. Furthermore, if theparents or guardians have good health, they can be able to offer thesame for the children. In some instances, racial and ethnicdisparities have been linked to mortality and morbidity especiallydue to discrimination. The education level of the caregivers is alsoimportant for the health of children coupled with the financialability such as health insurance coverage to cater for chronicillnesses [ CITATION Wor12 l 1033 ].

Individualsin their old age are weak and need to be supported as much aspossible. In this regard, the social determinant here includes theavailability of sustainable resources for daily needs for examplehousing, meals, and clothing as well as access to healthcareservices. By developing community-based resources for recreation,exercise and leisure activities, the elderly can achieve improvedstatuses [ CITATION Wor12 l 1033 ].Social support and transportation, discrimination, exposure to crimeand language barriers are some of the social issuesthat need to be addressed to this group. Offering an appropriateenvironment that is safe, providing physical support such aswheelchairs and limiting prejudice is essential.


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