Social Welfare Policy Letter

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September09, 2016


TheWhite House

1600Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington,DC 20500

DearMr. President:

Manythanks for the opportunity to write to you. I would like to touch onunemployment which is an issue that affects a number Americans. Iwould like to acknowledge and appreciate that your administration issignificantly responsible for the increase in jobs. The unemploymentrate has gone down. I do remember that you took office around thetime of the worst depression since the great depression, and youmanaged to steer the nation through this tough time. The economy issteadily recovering with the unemployment rate declining (UnitedStates, 2015). Thanks to your government the number of those lookingfor work fell to 2.1 million which is 614,000 less than it was at thetime you took office.

Mr.President, my fear is that the employment rate is not at par with thegrowth of the labor force. As such, the jobs available are not enoughto absorb all the unemployed. In my opinion, employment has failed tomatch the growth in labor force either because the jobs available areinsufficient, or the current jobs do not appeal to Americans.

Mysuggestion is a slight change in approach. Let us reduce the supplyof labor. The number of people employed will increase if we reducethe average number of hours worked. Germany has successfully usedthat approach. The country encourages employers to reduce the workhours as opposed to firing workers when an organization experiences adrop in demand. The government subsidizes the wage loss for workersunder this approach. Everyone wins since the government does not haveto pay benefits to workers who would have lost their jobs and insteadit is paying a small fraction of the lost pay when employees work forfewer hours. Under this policy, workers get to take up more paidleaves and paid vacation.

Iwill graduate in a few years. My dream is to get a job that will makeme self-sufficient. Please make my dream come true by not onlyincreasing employment opportunities but also making workingconditions better and more productive by reducing working hours




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