TheSocial Psychology Network website provides a lot of insight aboutsocial influence. Some of the factors listed that create public swayinclude attitude, social marketing, marketing and persuasion andpropaganda (, 2016). Some of the importantlessons that I have learned from the website is that an individual’sattitude can affect how he or she relates to other people and thus,influencing social influence. A good example given is Ukraine’spublic opinion on nuclear weapons which has influenced thegovernment’s control in the country (, 2016).Many people have expressed concerns about its effects and whether ithas created tangible improvements. Another technique that is used togain social influence is marketing and selling. According to thewebsite, technological developments have led to innovations as isseen with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Ilearned that the most efficient way of gaining social influence isthrough social marketing. Unlike other platforms, it is easier tosecure and maintain customers. It is also preferred because it isrelatively cheap and the content can be modified to suit the targetaudience. The article outlines various platforms used foradvertisements. Modern techniques include digital television,celebrity ads, and social media. The website also suggests the use ofprint media because of their duration. Most importantly, the authorsuggests that propaganda can be used to damage organization’sreputation. The website defines propaganda as misleading or biasedinformation that is intended to publicize certain ideology andbeliefs. People and organizations have often used propaganda to gainsome social influences. Conclusively, it is, therefore, evident thatthe article effectively discusses how advertising, attitude changeand social media platforms can be used to gain social influence.

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