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Therehave been various question regarding spending a huge amount of moneyon space program ,over the years.There are difference of perspectiveregarding U.S space program.Some of the people feel that there arealready a lot of problems on earth to solve why go to thousand milesaway to solve non-existent problem.Some ask question how the spaceprogram is helping the America population especially in the period oftough economic times so why American state is allocated the bigportion of budget to the particular space program.All these questionsare valid as most of the people are not knowledgeable of the benefitof U.S space program that how this program is increasing qualitylevel on earth.Since the overall application of space flighttechnology on Earth have created hundreds of “NASAspinoffs”.Spinoff is described as the commercialized product thatincorpotaed with the NASA technology to benefit the public.Spinoffhas introduced advanced technology and developed a new market thatstimulate the U.S economy and changed the daily lives.


Morethan 50 spinoff technologies have introduced to the public andpublished annually to showing the reason of America investment inspace program and its benefits.Spinoff is also available online invarious digital formats and its copies are shared to thepolitican,scientists,economic analyst,respresentatives of UnitedNations,company CEOs engineers,technologist,media and many others(Lockney).The contribution of spinoff is present in the world ofcomputer technology in which the designing of advanced keyboard,graphics,portable compact disc and micro-computer are included.Acomputerized based “GroundProcessing Scheduling System”is the system which contributed to provide aid during the launchingprocess of space shuttle.The same technology is used commercially toprovide guidance in the real time manufacturing process and planning.

Theconcept of virtual reality was also given from the NASA.It virtuallyprovides the environment to the astronauts to feel as they werepresent in the similar environment as they could be during the spacejourney.Now a days, virtual technology is used for entertainment andgaming purposes.The other spinoff is the resource and environmentalmanagement spinoff that is now using for the weather forecasting andsolar energy.Barometer for atomospheric pressure was manufactured forcontrolling the environmental technology of shuttle.The approach ofinventing the solar power was introduced form the NASA as thealternative solution to energy resource when no other energy resourceis present.Spinoff also present in the industrial process andtechnological areas in which water stripping through high pressureand interactive training of computer are included.Both technologyhave been utilized to improve the space travel journey and now it isused in the industry of commercial airline.The technology ofmicro-lasers have been first used for the transmitting thecommunication signal over the long range and in commercial industryit is used for melt ,cut and drill materials.Welding sensor systemhave been developed to set the position of torches height from themicro-laser and object.The same product is now used to resolve thewelding malfunction on the exterior portion of airlines.Some of themost important spinoff of U.S space program is the improvement inhealth care sector (Dunbar).


Inmy opinion,it is necessary that funds are provided to NASA programs.While exploration of research mission, they was not just researchingthe space but also contributing to the cancer research.Thousand ofjobs are created through spinoff technology by the commercializedcompanies utilizing the NASA space technologies in the non-spaceareas that improve the human lives.


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