Statement of Purpose

Statementof Purpose

Ihave had a dream to study medicine since I was young, and I stillhold the same wish. One of the greatest motivators to this effect isthe general need to serve humanity in the best way that I seepossible. Remarkably, this element is also aided by the fact that Iam good at being analytical as well as attentive to details. I havefull faith that these talents will come in handy, not only whilestudying medicine, but also in the delivery of my duties once Iventure into medical practice. Also, I guarantee to boost my capacityby utilizing these abilities through conducting meditation exercisesfrom time to time, a practice that has helped to back up my levels ofconcentration by a huge margin.

Oneof the people who have acted like a big impetus to inculcating theidea of joining the medical field is my grandfather. Consequently,this reservation was born out of a conversation that I once had withhim while he was admitted to the hospital. He cheekily told me thatgiven the kind of his precarious health, he would wish to receivetreatment from me one day. My grandfather informed me that he hadfaith that I would make a good doctor, if I pursued the dream, giventhat my kindness towards people has always been high. He felt that Iwould be more interested in ensuring that I accord any patient thatis under my care the best treatment and attention that I couldmanage.

Overthe years throughout school, I have done personal research in themedical field and what it takes to be successful in the area. Inaddition, I have watched several videos that have both motivated meto venture in the discipline, as well as acting as an eye-opener inthat I can understand some of the challenges that medics undergowhile carrying out their duties. I have been able to comprehend thesimple skills that are required in being a successful scholar ofmedicine. This lies in both having a good memory and the capacity tointegrate the knowledge as well as information gathered throughoutthe process of actual practice.

Ihold the belief that given an opportunity I will devout most of mytime in learning about the new trends that emerge in the medicalfield, so as to be relevant in the market. Likewise, I will be keento ensure that I exercise consistent consultations with both my peersand superiors in the field so as to gain more knowledge in areas thatcould not be so clear to me. This practice will be pertinent toensuring that I stick to the standards of practice that are essentialin medicine and enhance high chances of having better results whiledealing with patients.

Inconclusion, my entry to the medical school will only be the beginningof my study of medicine. The field is quite versatile given the levelof advancements that are made on a daily basis, an element thatrequires individual to improve their level of knowledge from time totime. I shall ensure that I keep tabs through the progress in thefield by reading relevant medical journals as well as attending manyseminars and training programs to aid to this effect.

Statement of Purpose

Statementof Purpose

Statementof the Problem

Withthe evolving environmental platform and as organizations are strivingto make a name in their individual fields of service provision, asfar as competitive advantage is concerned, a crisis may arise. One ofthe crises may feature the symptoms of the poor fit betweenorganization’s structure and their environments. The topic ofstrategy implementation, a process which if practiced, accordsbusinesses a competitive edge, addresses the general symptoms asmentioned earlier. It is essential to note that strategy does notchange for its advantage it changes for the benefit of maintaining afit between the organization and its environment of operations(Amason, 2011). When revisiting the topic of competitive advantage asearlier mentioned, it is a subject that combines the efforts oflearning and adaptation (Amason, 2011).

Accordingto Amason (2011), the author suggests that both learning andadaptation ought to be treated as critical points when addressingstrategy implementation. This paper seeks to build on the phrase byAmason and to acknowledge the presence of change, which makes thedifference for businesses. Business is said to be a poor fit with itsenvironment if it is deemed to be inactive in adopting change, whichwould, in turn, have an effect on the overall strategy of the saidbusiness. With changes being present in an organization’sstrategies, plus learning and adaptation, policy implementation canthen be realized. Competitive advantage will automatically set inwhen the above aspects are considered in business, together withinnovation and creativity (Keupp, Palmié, &amp Gassmann, 2012). Theoverall result would be an organization that is said to be the bestfit with its environment otherwise, a poor fit scenario will alwaysbe the order of the day.


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